by / June 28th, 2010 /

State’s Dance & Electronic roundup

You’ll need oven gloves to handle ‘Cash Antics Vol.1’ by Deadboy, the 12″ platter that’s burning up dance floors with its wicked take on R&B. South East London geezer Deadboy (pictured) takes three syrupy smooth R&B vocals and injects fresh subsonic bass and futuristic keyboard swirls. The crowning effort here is ‘Unofficial Girl’, a remix of Cassie‘s languid plea to her backdoor lover to become his ‘Official Girl’ (get the pun?). Even more sexy is ‘Long Way 2 Go’, another Cassie refix. ‘Way That I Luv U’ is the only track here that breaks the 100bpm barrier and sees Deadboy working his magic on a tune by Ashanti.

Pariah works in neighbouring territory to Deadboy, freshening up hip hop beats into sleek urban anthems. ‘Detroit Falls’ starts with a 60’s Soul vocal sample which morphs into a slippery bass chase. The familiar soothing sounds of Motown turned inside out and flushed down a tunnel of psychedelic rave flashbacks. Detroit, aka the home of Motown, falls in style. Flip to the B-side for the urban film noir of ‘Orpheus’ which puts a new spin on Burial’s formula of soul diva vocals hovering over brooding bass line and broken, shuffling beats. Two big tunes for fans of Flying Lotus, J Dilla and beyond.

Another debut is Lil Silva‘s take-no-prisoners double A-side 12″ ‘No Hooks’ b/w ‘A Million’ on the Night Slugs imprint. Lil Silva drops two massive peak time rave tunes, complete with nagging, distorted keys and breathtaking drops. Rocket science it ain’t, just two solid rhythms and a couple of very decent hooks. Two bangers that sound like they are driven by an entire slab of red bull.

Ikonika‘s debut album Contact, Want, Love, Have freely explored future directions for the dubstep sound, now the artist edits some of her most catchy album tracks down to dance floor friendly chunks. Ikonika distills down ‘They Are All Losing The War’ into a massive arpeggio monster that puts Giorgio Moroder through the grinder, adding handfuls of Patrick Adams, 80s synth rock and Italo Disco. Class. Also check out the tight new version of the ambient ‘Video Delays’. The four track Ikonika Edits EP is due out at the end of June on Hyperdub.

Ital Tek‘s Moment In Blue EP on Planet Mu comes with some excellent refixes by Ikonika, Falty DL and VIP. Ikonika delivers a rolling dancefloor filler of the title track, adding a hint of 80’s synthpop. Falty DL does his quirky freestyle thing, which brings out a totally different mood of ‘Moment In Blue’. Two original takes on a strong and versatile tune with a nice tropical flavour.

Professor Skank winds up this months round-up with a smashing Reggae cover version of Jean Michel Jarre’s synth pop classic ‘Oxygen’. ‘Outer Space’ on the Renegade label gives ‘Oxygen’ the full Dub makeover, phasing and twisting the original melody into a totally spaced out haze. This is crazy downtempo cheese that will stick to the folds of your brain for a long time.

By Christian Lorenz