by / January 12th, 2017 /

State’s Faces of 2017

For a full year we sat around powerlessly watching the passing of sand. So many musical lights were extinguished as a remarkable number of heroes and legends took their final bow. We cannot recall a year like it, if we’re being honest. But there is no need to start rhyming off the names, we need to move forward and start looking around us now because even though the past year was bleak, the future is undoubtedly bright. The present, more importantly, is glowing like a small nuclear accident.

Every year takes a step outside of the main arena at the festival that is Irish music. We look at the satellite stages and tiny little venues which nurture the brightest and most promising live acts this island has. And every year we find ourselves amazed at the talent, the earnestness and ambition of these acts who to a man and a woman embody what’s best about new music. Even with the looming shadow of the year that was we are gobsmacked at the positivity and the drive shown by the acts we have included in Faces of 2017. This year’s selection include some brand new and as-of-yet unheard acts alongside some familiar faces who’ve redefined their input.

We have possibly the most diverse line-up of artists we’ve managed to put together but this has nothing to do with, this is what Ireland has going for it at the minute. There was no discussion about ‘mixing it up a bit’, and there were no concerns over clashes or similarities. The multiplicity of the music speaks very much for itself so we feel privileged to simply have put together what we felt were the most unique voices we heard. Our inimitable team of photographers traveled the length and breadth of the country to capture the original and beautiful shots you are about to see and it goes without saying that Faces would be nothing without them.

So, as 2017 kicks into life we honour those who didn’t make it this far. But we also have a lot to hold onto and even more to discover in 2017 and a phenomenal soundtrack to go along with it too. We launch tomorrow night as part of Whelan’s Ones To Watch festival but for now if you want to discover who our Faces are you’ll need to head to our dedicated site here. Enjoy….