by / January 14th, 2015 /

Special: State’s Faces of 2015

Since Villagers featured on the cover in January 2009, State has been drawing up our annual list of the artists to watch in the year ahead. Hozier led our 2014 list and, while his global success has set a high bar for this year’s crop, the twenty acts here are all proof of the extraordinary wealth of talent that exists in this country. We’re proud to bring them to you, and equally as proud of our photographic team – under the watchful eye of art director Simon Roche – who have produced this year’s incredible digital magazine. Feast your eyes below, while listening to Faces mixtape. And for the complete experience join us on Friday night (16th) at the Mercantile venue in Dublin for our launch show featuring Bitch Falcon, Dah Jevu, Loah and Robocobra Quartet.

The magazine

The mixtape