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Top Story: State’s Guide To Oxegen 2011 – Sunday

Probably the most interesting day of Oxegen 2011, with regards range (& quality) of acts but above all – spectacle. By now you’ll have spent all your money, lost all your friends and by the end of the day, you probably won’t have much wits left either.

Disclaimer part 3: Tyler, The Creator will rob your girlfriend. (As in take her, not nick her purse).

The Rubberbandits (Main Stage)

14:00 – Kicking off the comedy, Limerick’s finest satirical hip-hop duo, Blindboy Boat Club and Mr. Chrome, will have the ‘Horse Outside’, ‘A Bag Of Glue’ and crying ‘I Wanna Fight Your Father’. What we want to know is what will Jay-Z make of them, and will they take Beyoncé to Mullingaaar?

T.E.E.D. Live (Electric Ballroom)

16.15 – With sing along house miniatures and 2-steppy dance anthems, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs nod to Matthew Herbert and Hot Chip (he is also signed to Joe Goddard’s Greco Roman label). Orlando Higginbottom has a rack of high-profile fans, including Annie Mac, and it’s not just for his headdress.

Fight Like Apes (Vodafone Stage)

16:30 – It’s the nature of Oxegen that being promoted up the bill can sometimes mean an apparently worse slot, as FLA move from the a late afternoon tent slot to the slightly less welcoming arms of an open air stage earlier the day. Keep the faith though, as this is one band that relishes a challenge.

Friendly Fires (Vodafone Stage)

17.50 – Not only will this be worth going to for singer Ed McFarlane’s dancing (he’s got a Facebook group dedicated to him) but as anyone who was at Oxegen last year will know, these guys are close to being a definitive festival band. With new album Pala moving in an even poppier direction, they are now even more so.

Odd Future (Heineken Green Spheres)

18.10 – We predict a riot when Tyler the Creator and co instigate a stage invasion during their call to arms ‘Radicals’ — or at least a bust-up with some burly bouncers who haven’t done their homework. Oxegen is a rite of passage for many teens, a post-Leaving Cert orgy of sex, muck, rock’n’roll and setting fire to their tents on the Monday morning. When Odd Future chant: “Kill People, burn shit, fuck school,” let’s hope everyone forgets about the murder bit.

Crystal Castles (Heineken Green Spheres)

19.25 – Alice Glass will surely throw a tantrum to match Tyler’s misbehavior. Crystal Castles live shows are infamously raucous. Can the Heineken Green Spheres Tent take any more? Can Oxegen?

Patrick Wolf (2FM Hotpress Academy)

19.25 – He’s all about the love these days. Feel the love.

The National (Vodafone Stage)

20.40 – The National have been Ireland’s treasure for many years, and for good reason. Channeling grown-up woes into angst-driven and anxiety-fill gothic Americana, a National show is a ferocious and fraught experience. Conducted by the looming baritoned Matt Berninger, the siblings Dessner and Devedorf make songs of sorrow sound oh-so joyful.

Beyoncé (Main Stage)

20.25 – We’ve all seen the Glastonbury performance by now so you’re either in or out. We think you’d be mad to miss one of the biggest pop stars in the world play an all-encompassing and rare festival set. This time though, hopefully without Kings Of Leon cover.

Primal Scream (2FM Hotpress Academy)

22.20 – – Perhaps the weekend’s biggest dose of nostalgia – Primal Scream performing the 20-year old hedonistic classic Screamadelica in full. Yes please.

Bright Eyes (2FM Hotpress Academy)

22.50 – Once a precocious troubadour, Conor Oberst is an intense and passionate performer. His Americana folk-rock is probably the best way to wind down the weekend, listen to the man when he sings “Sold my tortured youth, piss and vinegar/ I’m still angry with no reason to be.”