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State’s Mixtape # 19 – Cian Ó Cíobháin midsummer special

The only way the weather we’re experiencing now could possibly get better is by the introduction of another very special, beautifully curated playlist for us here at State. Cian Ó Cíobháin, whose essential An Taobh Tuathail radio show is 15 amazing years-old this year, has gone down the rabbit-hole of glorious summers and emerged with a mix that can actually push the sun a little higher, make the sky a little bluer, or in his own words…

Summer is my favourite time of the year.
This selection explores the tension that exists between the child in me that experienced vast summers that seemed to go on forever, versus the adult of now that realises that as we make our inexorable, annual orbit around the sun – summer, like any other measurement of time, is unbearably transient and oh-so-fleeting.

From the pink showers of falling cherry blossoms that backdrop the first fine days of late April & early May, to the noctilucent skies of midsummer, to the last of the summer carnivals (or, as is now the case: festivals) leaving town for another year, I both savour the moment and instantly yearn for it as it as it dissolves. As you become increasingly conscious of your mortality, the thought occurs – not morbid, merely realistic – that this summer could be your last. You just don’t know. So this is my soundtrack to my last summer on planet earth – to the changing light, the fragrances and sounds of this most romantic of seasons.

– Cian Ó Cíobháin

An Taobh Tuathail can be heard between 22.00-00.00 Luan – Aoine / Monday – Friday and both live and past shows can be heard through the RTÉ player.

  • Angie_2343

    Lovely stuff!

  • Listening to this on a Sat night, so lovely and chilled. that summer feeling 🙂