by / January 31st, 2014 /

State’s New Music Mixtape #1

We get a lot of music sent to us here at State. A lot. In the old days this would manifest itself in the form of piles of CDs balanced around the office. Now it’s a rapidly filling inbox. Each week we’ll bring you fifteen of the best tracks we’ve come across along the way….

Running Red Lights – ‘Under The Wire’
Eight years in the making, Canadians (pictured) finally make their long playing debut on There’s a Bluebird in My Heart.

Volcanoes – ‘When We Melodise’
Upcoming single from Sheffield four piece, due in March. Fleet Foxes fans will approve.

The Kut -‘No Trace’
Basement rock trio from London. Encouragingly loud.

Tomas Barfod – ‘Pulsing’
Secretly Canadian artist teams up with Swedish singer Nina Kinert on new EP.

Mokadem – ‘Pretend Ur Mine’
Following her ghostly remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Gods & Monsters’, the South London producer returns with a new EP based on the chronological story of one relationship. Electronic music with a human heart.

The Notwist – ‘Kong’
The Germans play tribute to ’90s indie pop, while telling a story about floods and superheroes.

Lucius – ‘Nothing Ordinary’
An Irish release for debut album Wildewoman AND a Dublin date in March. Duple prizes.

Cat Dowling – ‘Somebody Else (Elaine Mai remix)’
Beguiling track from Dowling given a facelift, thanks to the ever impressive Mai.

Sväva – ‘Heather’
This is just lovely. ‘Heather’ is given room to breath by spacious production and it has a great lackadaisical feeling to it. When it reaches an ascendant climax it sounds so easy. Such effortlessness is hard to come by.

Tycho – ‘Montana’
Instrumental production from American Scott Hansen that positively glistens with a woozy optimism. The first cut from new album Awake, out in March.

Monoak – ‘Sync Sequence 1’
The Irish electronic scene spreads across the channel, with ex-pat producer now based in London catching our eye. Stay tuned for more.

Bibio – ‘Dye The Water Green’
‘Dye the Water Green’ is mesmeric. It sounds vaguely warped and out of sync but has an extremely warm, inviting ambience that just envelopes you.

Schoolboy Q – ‘Break The Bank’
‘Break the Bank’ isn’t Q’s best but with news of Oxymoron‘s release next month (plus an Irish date) it would be difficult not to include him. He sounds wired as he postures and reminisces over a looped piano riff; his excitement is infectious.

Hospitality – ‘Rockets and Jets’
The trio visit Dublin in May for a show Upstairs in Whelan’s, by which time we reckon they will have already outgrown such an intimate venue if this new track is anything to go by.

Vulkano – ‘Choir Of Wolves’
The Swedish duo release their debut, punk rock envelope pushing album today. The NME loves them, but don’t let that put you off.