by / April 4th, 2014 /

State’s New Music Mixtape #10

Cruising – ‘You Made Me Do That’

That thick, belching guitar is perfect in a vacuum, but this stomper from supergroup Cruising (featuring members of Girls Names and September Girls) is three-and-a-half minutes of swaggering garage-rock turbulence.

Creepoid – ‘Wet Bread’

Another swaggering rock track, and this one has a hint of QOTSA about it. It lacks the mystique and sophistication of those desert-dwelling maestros, but it does the job.

Fiancé – ‘July’

It’s that time of year when we try to distill the sound of summer. Finacé here have the piercing chimes down at least, and the rest of ‘July’ could be stuck in your head come, say, July.

Bright Young Things – ‘Tulipomania’

Sounds a bit like Muse, right down to the Bellamy-esque voice. First time I can say that as a compliment since Black Holes & Revelations.

How to Dress Well – ‘Repeat Pleasure’

Tom Krell stops defending R. Kelly with his music and produces a shiny, upbeat pop number.

dREA – ‘Animal’

Anthemic indie fare from Limerick. Debut album out next month.

Drake – ‘Days in the East’

Probably the better of the two tracks Drizzy uploaded this week, and where ‘Draft Day’ samples Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wap (That Thing)’, ‘Days in East’ has Drake dropping by Erykah Badu’s house for tea and conversation.

Malpas – ‘Us Afloat’ (Esser remix)

The high voice, the myriad clicks, the slinking bassline – it all combines to make an infectious whole.

Radkey – ‘Romance Dawn’ (UNKLE reconstruction)

What’s James Lavelle up to these days? Remixing electro-rock thumpers such as this and blowing minds.

Death at Sea – ‘Glimmer’

There’s a certain breed of indie band that dedicates itself to turning the clocks back to 1991 with their music. Liverpool’s Death at Sea are one of those bands, and ‘Glimmer’ is just lovely.

Hamilton Leithauser – ’11 O’Clock Friday Night’

Former (current?) Walkmen frontman pulls some familiar shapes on this solo track, but that Walkmen sound never did get old and it’s good to have him back. Also, is that a marimba I hear?

I Have a Tribe – ‘Yellow Raincoats’

Patrick O’Laoghaire has has been holding back on us: ‘Yellow Raincoats’ is only the second track he’s uploaded to Soundcloud and so restrained and quivering that it actively forces you to listen closely. Bewitching stuff.

LAW – ‘OG’

A slice of electronic-tinted soul from this deep-voiced Scottish songstress, currently supporting Young Fathers on tour.