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State’s New Music Mixtape #15

Around we go again. 15 brand new tracks for you to digest as only you know how. We have possibly the slickest track you’ll hear all year, we have perennial festival favourites, some indie efforts and a few random selections that are guaranteed to make you thank whatever deity you like that music is universal. Praise be, indeed. Enjoy the Mixtape.

Ekkah – ‘Figure It Out’

Some new wave pop to kick things off this week. Slick isn’t strong enough to describe this little beaut so let your ears do the work. Details are scant on this band so undoubtedly somebody out there can point us in the right direction. This is as infectious as music gets, really.

Steve Strong – ‘Tempest’

Instrumentals tend to divide opinion like political manifestos but when they’re good, they’re good. As proven by ASIWYFA, they can be just as full of feeling as any lyrically infused missives so we’ll let Steve Strong and his “Math Instrumentals” take it from here.

Vienna Ditto – ‘Feeling Good’

Voodoo Sci Fi Blues, or so we’re told. This is great, regardless of what it’s being called. Like Imelda May, Kate Nash and Boz Boorer were involved in some ungodly union. There is rockabilly, laser guns and demented reverb here. Love it!

Iceni – ‘Drive’

Harmonies, piano licks, suspect lyrics and jazzy little refrains. All neatly bagged up for your listening pleasure. If we’re being honest, this might take a few listens but it’ll be worth it. State knows.

Matthew David – ‘In My World’

This is Matthewdavid and if you like weird, left-of-centre, hazy production and spitting akin to Bone Thugs n’ Harmony, well this is for you. In the past this hasn’t exactly been everybody’s cup of tea but like all new things, people come around. With any luck ‘In My World’ will put things right.

James Apollo – ‘Two Lane’

Heir to the throne of Indie Kingpin, James Apollo seems to take traditional songwriting and imbue wit with enough texture to clean a rusty Brillo Pad. Imagine Edwin Collins and SBTRKT and you’ll get the idea. State absolutely loves this and guarantees that you will too. Or your money back.

Braid – ‘Bang’

Braid inhabit the space between punk and emo that nobody ever cleans. Scuzzy, emotive, angular and garage band-y is a good starting point.

Raiders of the Lost Art – ‘Belarus’

Sometimes a band are so new that there is practically nothing about them anywhere. Take a bow, ROTLA. We know that there are four of them, and they have an ethos which involves plug in, play, record and release. This is a jaunty little ditty clocking in at just over a minute and a half. And it’s brilliant.

Alvvays – ‘Archie, Marry Me’

With replacing ‘w’ with two ‘v’s (and sometimes ‘u’ with ‘v’ also) now officially a thing, here are Alvvays. Fans of Camera Obscura will love this, and people who aren’t fans of Camera Obscura will love this. Fact.

Basement Jaxx -‘ Unicorn’

You all know who Basement Jaxx are, but what you possibly didn’t know was that they have a new album on the way and if ‘Unicorn’ is anything to go by, everything is going to be fine. Summer festivals are just better with Basement Jaxx involved, it’s just common metaphysics.

Tre Mission – ‘Stigmata’

22 year old Tre Mission, hailing from Toronto, has been it for quite a while. Taking his musical queues from an eclectic palette of provisions, his unique sound is still a little rough around the edges but as the kid says himself, the best is yet to come.

Adult Dude – ‘New Partner’

Adult Dude sound pretty much exactly like you imagine a band with such a moniker would. They’re not going for cerebral, mathematical or any other scientific takes on music. It is what it is. Punky, poppy, straight up rock and roll. A bit Tokyo Police Club and a wee bit The D4 Band. Joyous.

Parquet Courts – ‘Instant Disassembly’

Some more Stateside indie, skint, stoner rock for you now. Chances are you’ll have come across these lads already but if not, here is seven minutes of daydreaming and giving out about something. It’s kind of easy listening, kind of. Listen and you’ll get what we mean but be prepared to want to listen a few more times after that. Even if the hook starts to grate after a while, you’ll still love it.

Mountain Bird – ‘The Visitor’

What is happening in Sweden?? Can somebody find out, please? This ambitious effort from Mountain Bird has everything going for it, broad in scope, depth in it’s production and emotion in it’s vocals. One or two (ostensible) bum notes in the guitar refrain would suggest that this isn’t just another highly polished, over produced track from a wunderkind, instead it shows that the talent is there just waiting to be developed.

Lust For Youth – ‘Armida’

We’re still in Scandinavia for this little nugget and this, supposed Goth-turned-elctro wiz is reminiscent of a light-hearted version if M83. Now, in saying that, a light-hearted M83 could still very well be on the bleak side of grim, but this is still a classy little number with which to close this week’s Mixtape. You can all go and do what you want now, but State is off to listen to Ekkah until the men in white coats come knocking.