by / March 14th, 2014 /

State’s New Music Mixtape #7

Wrap your ears around this week’s mix, featuring fifteen of our favourite new (and new-ish) tracks…

Dominique Young Unique – ‘Throw It Down’

Produced by Benga and DJ Fresh, this a squealing bundle of hyperactivity that may well eat itself for all the energy it expends.

Reptile Youth – ‘Above’

Copenhagen duo seem content to revel in their misery, but ‘Above’ soon take on a more funky, shimmery and compelling guise.

Plastic Flowers – ‘Gone Wrong’

Can’t go wrong with a bit of Grecian chillwave. Isolated drums, meandering guitars – yeah, this one hits the sweet spot.

Terese Taylor – ‘No Castle, No Moat’

A voice that idiosyncratic but not cloying, and a single guitar. That’s all you need sometimes.

Conway – ‘Hustler’

Sometimes it’s all about bombast and maximalism though.

Now Now – Prehistoric (Field Mouse remix)

This is really lovely, and somehow chiming guitars and zig-zagging synths go quite well together.

Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘The Moss’

It might actually be about moss, but it’s far from boring.

Highasakite – ‘Hiroshima’

Mournful brass gives way to an omptimistic mix of beats and strings. Anthemic.

Nick Mulvey – ‘Cucurucu’

A catchy, upbeat that makes use of good gibberish.

Death by Unga Bunga – ‘Tambourine’

Norwegian group with a throwback to the ’60s and a bit of Television-esque guitar thrown in for good measure.

Squarehead – ‘Two Miles’

Dublin garage rockers go very Ramones-y. Look after that voice, son.

Superfood – ‘(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)’

Beastie Boys meet Art Brut.

Liars – ‘Mess on a Mission’ (Black Bananas Freezer Jam remix)

That Liars comeback track gets ready for the floor.

Equals= – ‘Pyre’

A ballad wrapped in sleeker clothing.

Young Aundee – ‘Amazing Grace’

Bubbling menace becomes restrained hysteria, somehow.