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Top Story: State’s Office Stereo – Tom Waits, Beastie Boys, Soundbombing, Austra, The Computers and more

A new weekly feature in which our writers share their favourite tracks of the week.

Beastie Boys feat. Santigold – ‘Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win’ (Chosen by Niall Byrne)

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the Beasties’ eighth studio album in their 25 year-long discography re-affirms the trio as sonic experimentalists and elder statesmen of hip-hop with an unquenchable thirst. Hot Sauce Committee’s combines elements of the band’s past and ‘Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win’ in particular, showcases the Beasties’ rarely discussed love of dub. Adam Yauch’s killer bassline gives this one strength while the Beasties raps weave in and out between Santigold, whose vocals glide over the shimmering summer-inducing dub rhythm.

Tom Waits – ‘Goin’ Out West’ (chosen by Daryl Keating)

This dirty little number remains one of my favourite Tom Waits tracks. It’s so low and gritty that you actually find yourself grimacing for no apparent reason. After only recently rekindling my interest with the eccentric Mr. Waits I stumbled upon this song and was amazed that I hadn’t really noticed it before. It’s been hiding away in the middle of Bone Machine for years, unnoticed, waiting to pounce on some poor unfortunate soul. While showy middle aged woman toe tap their hearts out to ‘Downtown Train’ in local pubs, this track fills the interiors of haunty Mexican stripclubs.

Austra – ‘Lose It’ (chosen by Alan Reilly)

What’s brilliant about ‘Lose It’, is that the song strikes a perfect balance of melodramatic theatrics and cheerful pop sensibilities – ok, cheerful is a bit strong. Austra take their name from the Latvian Goddess of Light but the Toronto-based trio primarily play with dark tones. Kate Stelmanis is the band’s siren and her operatic vocal is the lure into their twisted electro-goth world; pulsing club beats, new wave synthy-ness and a shimmering vox-line that cuts throw the shade with an icy ray – and it’s this icy ray that has etched an Austra-shaped tattoo in my brain.

Supergrass – ‘Don’t Lose It’ (chosen by Hilary White)

An old school friend was back in Dublin from London recently. We met up for a scoop and part of our conversation formed around how ‘into’ bands we used to get when we were teenagers. I told him that he was definitely the biggest Ash fan in school. As far as he was concerned, he’d always remember me for Supergrass. I remember at the time being confounded by how hardly anyone idolised the Oxford trio like I did. There simply wasn’t better guitar pop doing the rounds back then. I got home that night and put on their 1995 debut I Should Coco. It struck me that not only was their brilliantly tuneful, super-tight and oddly widescreen punk special then, it still stands up beside anything these days. Forget the sideburns and cheeky-chappy carry on – Supergrass were, for three albums anyway, hugely clever operators.

Delorentos – ‘Bullet in a Gun’ (Chosen by Elaine Buckley)

Taking advantage of some down-time on their recent Spanish tour, Delorentos took to the streets of Madrid to record an acoustic version of a new song called ‘Bullet in a Gun’ for Spanish blog elDEANTEMANO – and the result is something quite special. The band have been hard at work writing new material, and will take to the studio soon to start pre-production on the tracks. In the meantime, it’s a real treat to hear such a raw performance of a brand new song. Roll on album #3.

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