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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been polling the State team of writers, photographers and filmmakers as to their favourite music videos of all time. Here’s the top 50, maybe not of the greatest of most influential clips ever, but our own personal golden moments…

Adam & The Ants – ‘Stand & Deliver’

As a kid, this video seemed so mysterious – who is this guy from another century and why is he making pop music? Why has he got a white stripe plastered over his face? What does Diddly Qua Qua mean? So many questions, all of which remain unanswered. (Shane Galvin)

Adam & The Ants – Stand And Deliver on MUZU.TV.

Aerosmith – ‘Crazy’

This is one video that I remember being on constant rotation on MTV, day and night – but particularly at night, when we were allowed stay up late to watch television on the week-nights of school summer holidays. Given that I was 9 when the video was released I was hardly a die-hard Aerosmith fan, but the video was so prevalent at the time that it was hard not to love the song, even though I hadn’t a rashers what was going on in the video. Two girls – one the lead singer’s daughter, the other who went on to be ‘yer wan from Clueless’ – running away from school and taking off in a super-slick convertible blue Mustang, charming service station attendants to get away with taking what they wanted, winning pole-dancing competitions, and hanging out with hot shirtless farmers. Looking back with the wisdom of age, there are obviously undertones a’ plenty – but that just makes me appreciate it even more. (Elaine Buckley)

Aphex Twin – ‘Windowlicker’

One of the few Aphex Twin videos that’s actually funny – of course it’s terrifying also but everything he touches is in some way or another. At over ten minutes long it’s more of a short film than a music video. Seeing the infamous distorted face of Aphex morphed onto busty Los Angeles floozies is too freaky to concentrate on but impossible to look away from. (Daryl Keating)

Beyonce – ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’

When Kanye West gate-crashed Taylor Swift’s celebratory speech at the 2009 VMAs to inform her that he was happy for her to take home the gong for ‘Best Female Video’ but that Beyoncé deserved it more for making “one of the best videos of all time… OF ALL TIME!”, he all of a sudden became public enemy #1. Truth be told, it may not have been the most tactful thing to do – but he was spot on. Every time is like the first time when watching the video for ‘Single Ladies’ – it’s just fantastic. What makes it great is the simplicity of it – the black & white video contains minimal camera shots and cuts, and no changes to hairstyles or costumes or sets; just Beyoncé and two dancers clad in black, executing a mesmerising choreographed dance routine against a plain white backdrop. Although it wasn’t shot that way, the video gives the impression of being a one-take-wonder – in reality, it took 12 hours to get it just right. We don’t mind, though – perfection takes time. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it has been parodied far and wide – but to see ‘Single Ladies’ being REALLY appreciated, just watch the dancefloor when it comes on next time you frequent a night-club… (Elaine Buckley)

Bloc Party – ‘Octopus’

A lot of people have commented on this being too trippy, but I think its brilliant – the drum beats, guitar riffs and flickers are all totally in sync with the music. It’s colourful and hoppin’! Fantastic. (Debbie Hickey)

Blink-182 – ‘All The Small Things’

Their childish humour wore thing pretty quickly, but the boy band pastiche of perhaps their best song still hits home today. (Phil Udell)

All The Small Things – Blink 182 – Official Music Video from Chito Mañosca Francisco on Vimeo.

Bjork – ‘All Is Full Of Love’

One of the few videos that can sincerely be described as beautiful. And it’s about robots! (Shane Galvin)

Blur – ‘Tender’

A vibe we’ve all tried to create (and probably better, from an aesthetics point of view) that captures the live energy in a studio perfectly. It inspired me to film live. Get band. Get in a room. Play. Film it. (Ruairi Galavan)

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Dancing in the Dark’

Bruce, tight pants, tighter hair cuts and Courtney Cox. What’s not to love!? (Fiona Donnellan)

Busta Rhymes- ‘Put Your Hand Where My Eyes Can See’

Inspired by movie Coming to America, this is the epitome of director Hype Williams’ work in the mid 90’s. Fish eye lens cameras, vivid neon colours and avant garde sets have since become synonymous with hip hop videos, but this is one of the best. (Karen Lawler)

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