by / February 2nd, 2016 /

Track Premiere: Susanna – Burning Sea

New music just doesn’t grow on trees anymore like it did when we were young music journos. Actually, maybe it never did, but the point is that it’s always a treat to find a diamond in the rough (or a peach among the crab-apples..) in the form of a track that both startles and soothes in its execution. Cue ‘Burning Sea’ by Norwegian alt-soul/pop artist Susanna and we’re hungry for more. Taken from forthcoming album Triangles (out April 22nd via SusannaSonata), the debut offering from the LP is about “the experience of giving in to something, surrender, and feeling trapped at the same time, both wonderful and dangerous.”

Given that the ode was written in LA, we’re not quite sure how this explanation relates to sunnier climes and limitless recreation, but the track speaks for itself with its quality balladry. Maybe too much fun isn’t actually that fun? Anyway, have a listen: