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Top Story: SXSW 2009 Photos: The Irish

2009 was a good year for the Irish in Texas as there were 22 Irish artists showcasing in total. What was most obvious that SXSW was not endgame for many of these artists who had toured heavily in the US prior to the Austin gigs or who had solicited an impressive number of gigs while there. Fighting With Wire played 12 Austin gigs in a week, The Mighty Stef played nine, We Should Be Dead played six, The Urges played eight shows and Lisa Hannigan’s last three stops on her 21-date extensive tour were in Austin. Other bands like One Day International, Lost Brothers and Brothers Movement also got special praise from industry-folk and punters alike. All in all, a good year all round for the Irish in Texas. Check out tomorrow’s Irish Indepedent for a full report by me and photos from Dan Dennison.

  • Tom

    some great photos Niall! I’d love to go one year, it sounds amazing!

  • Colin

    So Sickboy got over. I remember them doing their fundraiser gig for it. Those “Free Hugs” guys are most definitely Irish!

  • Carol

    Would also like a mention for ‘ Dirty Epics’ and ‘Relief’ who put on fine sets in the Irish showcase. Would recommend a trip to any serious music heads if they can make the journey over… an incredible few days.

  • Mike Cavanagh

    Great Irish showcases. Luckily I got to stay for most of the shows!

    My top 5 of SXSW 2009

    Brothers Movement put on a great show in Soho lounge. Loved the last song ”Leave your body behind” or something! Woo!

    Fighting With Wire were tired by the end of it, but had some great energetic shows. Last show was abit of a let down as they pushed themselves to far.

    Relief. Never heard of them before, but looked awesome and rocked. Big fan of the Gibson Les Paul’s. Great musicians and nice blokes aswell after the show!

    One Day International were really soothing. Such beautiful songs! Their breakfast show was great. Perfect start to a perfect day

    Lisa Hannigan was stunning as always and sad she didn’t win the album of the year award in Dublin recently!

    I’m happy to see alot more rocking and alternative acts coming through, rather than the onslaught of indie, middle of the ground music! Of course their was some mediocre acts but, the highlights were rocking!