by / May 11th, 2016 /

Mix: t-woc

One of the finest producers and selectors in Ireland, Mick ‘t-woc’ Donohoe kindly cut us this eclectic mix ahead of the release of his debut LP As Sentinelas on Rudimentary Records this summer, as well as a rake of unmissable festival appearances, including a stop at Open Ear on June 3-5. Known to blur the boundaries between dub, traditional, trip-hop, funk and electronica (plus every conceivable generic motif in between), t-woc has constructed this journey through sound at a time when the Irish summer weather is edging to stay in a prominent position and so it’s fitting that the mix reflects a variance of styles and, perhaps more importantly, achieves a consistent feel-good factor.

Frankly, we couldn’t be happier with his efforts.

t-woc says “This mix comes about from a couple of different things going on around me at the moment. I’m doing some preparation work for the Open Ear festival on Sherkin which has me in Island mode already and also watching a lot of Carl Sagan’s unreal TV series ‘Cosmos’ which really gets across how earth is just like a tiny island in this universe.  

“So it’s an Island mix. A space Island mix, featuring very little Island or space music.”

Settle in, space-out and let the good vibes wash over you.


Artists selected for the mix:

Lukid // Gille Elbaz // Heliocentrics // Serge Gainsbourg //J.C.Vannier // Amon Dull II // Holden // Michael Garrick // The Pyramids // Camayenne Sofa // Lynched // Unknown // Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestre

You can get your hands on t-woc’s current release, Jetstar II, here, and we highly recommend you do. Tickets for Open Ear, which takes place on Sherkin Island from 3-5 June, can be found here.