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Talulah Does the Hula interview

Before hibernating to record their next single, Talulah Does the Hula bring their upbeat vinyl to this month’s State Social for a special DJ set. We spoke with the band ahead of the set to suss out what to expect and to put to bed mounting speculation over whether the band’s male member would bring some of his shit-house/shit-funk. All is revealed below, so read on dear reader.

What are you expecting from the State Social?

Jessie: DJing is a guilty pleasure of mine and it’s even better when you’re doing it with mates so I’m really looking forward to it. Should be a bit of fun, you guys might have trouble removing us.

Michael: State Social? It sounds like a soiree that government officials would attend, so hopefully it’ll be like that. With break-dancing.

What should we expect from you guys?

Jessie: Most of our new tracks are sounding really disco-tastic these days, so that might be a sign of current influences.

Michael: Expect nothing and you are bound to be pleased/break-dancing.

What kind of music will you playing?

Jessie: Considering we’ll only be spinning vinyl, more than likely some upbeat stuff circa 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

What is your style of DJing?

Michael: I still have vinyl decks from when I was younger. I went through a phase of DJing at mates parties because we couldn’t get in anywhere. I’ve still got all the records; they range from shit-house to shit-funk. Needless to say, I won’t be bringing them along.

Jessie: Definitely a “Can’t Mix Won’t Mix” type of DJ, mixing is for douchebags. I DJed for years before the band stuff kicked in, it’s all dried up lately though. Wanna gimme a job?

Can you give us any teasers of potential playlist?

Paula: Love -A House Is Not A Motel’, James Fountain -7 Day Lover’, Plastiscines -Bitch’, Jonathan Richman -New England’.

What are your guaranteed floor fillers?

Paula: Womack & Womack -Teardrops’.

Jessie: It’s hard to go wrong with Toni Basil’s -Hey Mickey’.

No-one’s dancing – what’s the plan?

Paula: Mike will breakdance. That’s not even a joke.

Ever cleared a dancefloor?

Paula: Myself and Ceeva DJed at Antics one night. Ceeva put on a particularly downtempo Adam Green song and went to the toilet, leaving me with 50 teenagers staring blankly at me. Then they all promptly legged it for a smoke. Understandably so.

Michael: Every night.

Any tracks you’d never ever play?

Paula: Lady GaGa. I don’t get it. I mean she looks great, but you may as well be listening to Cascada or something.

Since you’re supporting Power of Dreams soon, will you be sneaking in any 90s choons?

Paula: Maybe a bit of 90s Britpop… Yeah, I’m really looking forward to that gig. I was a big fan when I was in school. None of the rest of the band have a clue who they are though, which is the funny thing. Ceeva was too young I think, and the rest of the band didn’t grow up in Ireland.

Any songs to bring out the zombie romantics?

Paula: Right Said Fred -Im too Sexy’. That’s what you meant, right?

Sure. What is the most embarrassing record in your collections? Assuming it’s not Right Said Fred’¦

Jessie: Our band has a high threshold for shame, so there’s probably nothing we’d get embarrassed about.

Guilty pleasures?

Paula: Girls Aloud, La Roux, Rogers & Hammerstein.

Most pretentious record you own?

Paula: For some reason, I always put on this John Coltrane record when I’m having people over. Which in itself isn’t that pretentious, but it seems like it, especially when the next record that goes on will probably be Girls Aloud.

First single and album you ever bought?

Paula: Single – Frankie Goes To Hollywood -Power of Love’. Album – Five Star, Between The Lines.

Jessie: My first Cassingle was Iggy Pop -Candy’. It’s hard to know my first album as my Mom had a fabulous record collection in the 80s that I have since acquired.

If State readers comment below with requests, would you consider ’em?

Paula: No. We only get an hour. Stop hogging our glory.

The State Social #2 takes place on Wednesday, 24 February, Downstairs at Shebeen Chic, 4 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. Featuring DJ sets from Talulah does the hula, Phil Udell and Loreana Rushe. And breakdancing from Michael. From 9pm. Free entry.