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Incoming: The Cyclist

Who are you and where are you from?

The Cyclist aka Buz Ludzha aka Andrew Morrison and I’m from Derry, Northern Ireland.

Who are your favorite artists from home?

Derry-wise I’d probably have to say The Undertones, NI-wise probably Stiff Little Fingers

What’s it really like touring?

Me like this:

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

Liverpool at the Kazimier, basically lived in the place for a couple of years, so going from raving flat out at the place to playing it, just feels amazing.

What’s your ideal festival line-up?

Jon Hopkins, Tame Impala, Aphex Twin, Morgan Delt, Randomer, Boards of Canada, Wu Tang, Joy O & Boddika, Juju & Jordash, Happy Mondays, Anthony Naple, Petite Noir, stuff like that.

What has been your biggest achievement of the year?

In music, my last album Flourish, outside of that… probably graduating.

What was the worst piece of advice you were given?

There’s no money in music…

What do you do to relax?

Morning coffee in the bed, with my girlfriend.

What are you reading?

Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot, a belter read so far! My girlfriend’s doing her masters in English so I’m always on the classics, though to be fair I always have been. If you can’t appreciate older arts I don’t think you’re really capable of making anything new without a shitload of luck.

How about TV, anything good on the box?

Always Sunny in Philadelphia to the point of monotony, True Detective is the last belter series I watched too, 10 outta goddamn 10. Not enough people have watched Wonder Showzen either!

Do you have a favourite YouTube video?

This hilariously serious reaction to Wonder Showzen:

What website do you visit most? 

I’m usually all over the place with the internet, but probably YouTube for finding loads of music. Runners up would be Juno and Boomkat though.

What is your favourite:


Hard to actually choose an overall one, but maybe Can’s Ege Bamyasi as it’s a huge inspiration and just a belter album that I’ve continuously played since I first got into it.


Impossible to really choose that for me, but Suicide’s Ghost Rider is unbeatable. Or maybe This Heat’s 24 track loop. I really love anything seminal and punky.

            Lost classic song?

Mad Mike And The Maniacs – The Hunch.  Deranged proto-punk garage from 1961!!!

            Record label? 

The Trilogy Tapes, a future classic label. They just have this air of complete anti-normal dance aesthetics.

Who is your favourite current artist? 

Tame Impala if they don’t fuck up their third album.

A new artist that you are most excited about? 

Rezzett, the more I hear, the more I’m like ‘Fuck yeah!’

What was the last great gig you have seen?

One of the Rubaglove nights in Liverpool last year, just a really amazing illegal dub/raga jungle night, gotta love the scene, just mental heads and crazier music. Imagine living life with 160-170bpm breakbeats constantly, you gotta be a little bit crazy.

Worst show?

De la soul last summer. I’ve always totally loved their music and was super excited to see them for the first time, but we ended up waiting around for 45 minutes and they only showed for the last 15 minutes with no real excuse, which was pretty shitty.

What should we expect from your Irish shows?

A dense air of inebriation, psychedelia and warmth!

The Cyclist will be releasing his latest EP, ‘Hot House’, on the 6th of April and will be playing in The Twisted Pepper, Dublin, on the 18th of April, details of which can be found here.