by / January 8th, 2015 /

Introducing: The Grubby Mitts

The Grubby Mitts are somewhat of a glorious enigma.  Part art project, part band and part huh?, the Bedford based group, helmed by artist Andy Holden have spent the last eight years forming, then re-forming, an album that is part-anthology and part-debut.  Due for release in March, What The World Needs Now Is The Grubby Mitts is the definition of a mixed bag.  The band source a mixture of sounds from their environment and pair them with live woodwind, synths, drum machines in what will hopefully be a unique listening experience.  Think avant-garde meets modern pop, but weirder.  And better.  Have a listen to ‘Worm Of Eternal Return’ below and contemplate a life altered forever by The Grubby Mitts and their probably very clean mitts.

  • Steven

    These lads remind me of Rings Around The World-era SFA… which is about as high a compliment as anybody can receive!