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The Singles Club (July 23rd)


Single of the Week – Annie

State thought singles were dead but nobody seems to have told the music industry. Before we consign singles to the 21st century curiosity pile, we had a listen.

This Week: Annie, Lloyd, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, Yoav, Noah & the Whale, David Jordan, Make Model and The Saturdays.

Single of the Week: Annie – I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me

Norway’s slightly cooler answer to Kylie, Annie is back with her new single ‘I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me’. The song doesn’t stray far from the format of her previous singles like ‘Chewing Gum’ and ‘Heartbeat’ and her sweet electro pop sound hasn’t evolved much since she came on to the radar in 2004. But we say, if it’s not broke don’t fuck with it. This shiny nugget of pop greatness has such a catchy hook that sticks in your head like chewing gum sticks to your shoe (pun not intended). Suddenly, guilty pop pleasures don’t seem so guilty. [Myspace]

Lloyd – How We Do It (Around My Way) featuring Ludacris

Apparently Lloyd is reppin his hood ‘the A’ in his new single. (By the way, ‘the A’ is Atlanta to you and I). Lloyd first found, er, fame at age 11 as part of the group N-Toon. After a disappearing out of the public eye due to usual record company trials and tribulations, a 22 year old Lloyd is ‘back on da scene’. His new single ‘How We Do It (Around My Way) is about, you guessed it, how they do round his way – ladies, money, fame, champagne… There’s nothing here that hasn’t been rapped about before and recruiting Ludacris is just another step in this gangsta-rap-by-numbers effort. Don’t even bother listening to this tripe. [Myspace]

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong – Lucio Starts Fires

This debut single from the English indie band reflects the band’s moniker perfectly. A poppy, punchy number with a melody that makes us giddy with excitement. Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong was formed by Mr. Joe Lean himself, who used to be The Pipettes’ drummer and also acts under the name Joe Van Moylan. The band have already supported acts like Babyshambles, Dizzee Rascal, CSS and Kaiser Chiefs. If Babyshambles et al is your cup of tea, you’ll love this. If not, it’s still worth a listen. [Myspace]

Yoav – Charmed and Rearranged

Born in Israel, raised in South Africa, lived in New York but now singer songwriter Yoav has settled in London. His new single, released digitally, is supposedly as diverse as his background. Yoav himself said -I’ve been told it sounds like Damien Rice produced by the Neptunes’. From all the hype, we were expecting a ground breaking revolution. Instead we got a tepid offering that, although not easy to pigeon hole, leaves a lot to be desired. But he’s easy on the eye and we’re shallow, so maybe we’ll give it another listen. [Myspace]

Noah & the Whale – 5 Years Time

This happy, folky summery song may be appealing on first listen but after a while the whimsical whistling, hand clapping and ukulele all become too much. Noah & the Whale’s desperate optimism and repetitive lyrics becomes annoying and stops being fun, fun, fun. [Myspace]

David Jordan – Set the Mood

Looking at the photograph that graces the cover of David Jordan’s new single ‘Set the Mood’ we wonder if the Prince/ Liza Minelli look was the one he was striving for. A little freaked out, we ignore the come hither eyes staring at us and put on the CD. Tipped to be London’s answer to Justin Timberlake, Jordon has got talent but this overproduced, cheesy single could be easily misfiled under mediocre 90s R&B. Perhaps if Jordon finds his own Timbaland, he can justify the Timberlake comparisons. Then again, probably not. [Myspace]

Make Model – The Was

Make Model’s first release since being signed to EMI is a catchy, jaunty number. The Scottish six-piece were formed from the remnants of various indie bands doing the rounds on the Scottish music scene. The band claim that their songs are inspired from troubling, depressing events but the uplifting, happy -The Was’ will have you flashing the pearly whites and tapping along when you listen to it. [Myspace]

The Saturdays – If This Is Love

The Saturdays are pop and proud of it. The six members, all polished and primed for stardom, are ‘girls who just want to have fun who will bring pop back into the charts’. They left out the ‘just want to be superstars who make a gazillions dollars doing it’ bit. We like the unashamedly pop attitude but that doesn’t mean their debut single is any good. In fact, lacking any real substance, it’s utter rubbish. A sample of Yazoo, cheesy unimaginative lyrics, throw in some mediocre dance moves for good measure, drive it all by a powerful media machine and what have you got? A mega chart hit. And how can an irritating single like this become even more grating? By turning it in to a ringtone, of course! You have been warned… [Official Site]

  • I don’t think the new Annie matches ‘Chewing Gum’, but hopefully the new album is as good as the first.