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Might Be Giants: Might Be Giants – BEAK>

Meet three Bristolian musicians. Billy Fuller is a bassist with a ‘thoughtful pulse’, Matt Williams is a keyboardist who enjoys playing air drums while cycling and then there’s Geoff Barrows, producer and multi-instrumentalist. You might know Barrows from such bands as Portishead and, well OK just Portishead. Not content with co-producing The HorrorsPrimary Colours (and in no doubt integral in creating one of the surprise albums of the year), Barrows also teamed up with Fuller and Williams to form BEAK>. While it took Portishead fifteen years to produce three albums, BEAK> have an album ready to go in just ten short months. This trio have their own dynamic. They also have their own aesthetic. There’s the inevitable Portishead nuances as well as comparisons to Sunn O))) and Fennesz but there’s also a very distinct underlying krautrock feel.

BEAK> – I Know


The band wrote the album in a single 12 day session and recorded in one room with no over-dubbing, just editing to create arrangements. Self-titled, BEAK> (the album) will be released next week on Invada Records UK, snippets of it can be heard here.

Anyone going to this Winter’s ATP in Mineshead will catch their debut show.