by / March 23rd, 2010 /

Might be giants – Dum Dum Girls

Named after The Stooges‘ -Dum Dum Boys’ or possibly Run DMC‘s -Dumb Girl’ but more likely Talk Talk’s ‘Dum Dum Girl’ Californian band Dum Dum Girls make sweet, melodic and sunny punk ‘¦ with a dark edge.

Formed by Kristen Gundred (known as Dee Dee) in 2008 and now an all girl powerhouse quartet, recruiting Frankie Rose from sound-alikes Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. Dum Dum Girls have gone on to cover the likes of The Raveonettes giving a strong indication of their sound. In a format that has been tried and tested, Dee Dee and the gang play around with 60’s girl group pop, with the attitude of Shangri-Las and the fuzzy static guitar of The Jesus and Mary Chain. If you think it’s all surf rock that comes out of L.A., think again. Dee Dee says ”¦you’re miserable in the sun because you’re stuck. Like, it’s so perfect that it’s overwhelming and depressing. That’s sorta inspiring.’ Hmmm, OK.

To nail down this aesthetic the group recruited Richard Gottehrer, who produced seminal punk pop moments such as -My Boyfriend’s Back’ and -I Want Candy’ as well as producing the aforementioned Raveonettes, Blondie and the Go-Gos (a band name that will get dropped a lot when describing the Dum Dums), to produce their debut album I Will Be. Signed to Sub Pop, the album is due for release on March 29th.

The single -Jail La La’ was first recorded last year but has since been re-recorded and given the Gottehrer sprinkle of magic. The results is shiny but dusky noise-pop. If this song were a pair of sunglasses it’d be Ray-Ban Wayfarers for sure. Hear for yourself.


Dum Dum Girls were the crowned darlings of CMJ 2009 in New York, the first time they all got together, which saw the band trail through a series of raucous but tight shows.
Dee Dee, Frankie Rose, Jules and Bambi (yes those are their names) are bringing the show on the road. They are here to kick off our summer by playing Whelan’s in Dublin on May 18th. Be there (shades optional).