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Might Be Giants: Might Be Giants – Muchuu

Muchuu, pronounced Moo-chew, is Japanese meaning “to be in an ecstatic delirious trance or dream”. What a cute name for a band. Cute. Cute. Cute. In fact you will never read an article about Muchuu without the word “cute” in it somewhere. Go on, try find one.

Cuteness aside, Muchuu are a brother and sister duo from the midlands of England. Their names are Milky, 20 and George, 18, aw how ‘¦ OK enough already.

George (G-man) provides 8-bit beats and synthesized melodies using cheap second hand keyboards and various household objects. His elder sister Milky sings about nice things like cakes, rainbows and things that make her smile in a pixie-like voice. This may sound sickly sweet and a bit thin but somehow Muchuu manage to create cheery, lush, electro pop tunes with an inspiring naïve charm. -Somebody Tell Me’ will be released on Kii Music on Novmber 30th. Their debut Adventures Here We Go will be released sometime in 2010.

MP3: Muchuu – Somebody Tell Me


Their website deserves a mention too. It has games, recipes, chat rooms etc; all you need for some early morning procrastination. It looks DIY and it most likely is, check out Milky’s video for -Getaway Train’ which she made only using MS Paint. Impressive.

  • Niall

    Alan, I found one that doesn’t describe them as ‘cute’ – you did ask. (Yes, it says they’re twee. That’s completely different.)

  • I did Niall, cheers for that. Twee is totally different, very 2006.

    I think this is the best description of them

    “Their pop music is gorgeously innocent, yet holds crimson undertones that prevent it reaching that saccharine saturation point and the inevitable hurling after the ferris wheel ride.”


  • I really like this pair. Think I might have beenguilty of adding one more search result to ‘muchuu cute’. That ‘crimson undertones’ description sums ’em up pretty perfectly without dropping the c-bomb.