by / August 11th, 2009 /

Might Be Giants: Might Be Giants – Street Sweeper Social Club

With Rage Against The Machine’s brief return to the fray having seemingly come to an end and Audioslave consigned to the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ file, the key protagonists of RATM are looking for an outlet. Guitarist Tom Morello is the first to break ranks, teaming up with LA rapper Boots Riley of The Coup to form Street Sweeper Social Club. With titles such as ‘Fight! Smash! Win!’ and ‘Clap The Killers’, the SSSC never strays too far from Morello’s more famous project but there’s still something special hearing his distinctive guitar sound twisting and turning alongside a rapper as on his game as Riley, reminding the hip-hop world that there’s more to life than women, money and nice cars. Their self-titled album is with us this week.