by / December 15th, 2009 /

Might Be Giants: Might Be Giants – The Go Find

Morr Music have a treasure chest of sparkling acts, home to all things neo-classical and IDM. Amongst the names on the label: B. Fleischmann, Múm, Lali Puna and Benni Hemm Hemm there is a shining gem, The Go Find.

The Go Find started life as a solo project by Dieter Sermeus from Antwerpen, Belgium. Dieter has been making music 20 years. As a teenager his band Orange Black played support to Pavement and Stereolab on their European jaunts. Not so bad huh?

Sermus started playing around with electronics, formed The Go Find and in 2004 released Miami on Morr Music Records. Miami is a neat collection of glitchy, DIY pop and it’s opening track ‘Over The Edge’ was sharp, distinct and catchy; comparible to Tom Vek.

Around that time indie record stores were saturated with like of The Postal Service, Dntel and Styrofoam and Miami didn’t make the impact it should have. In 2007 The Go Find expanded, fleshing out the sound from bedroom pop to electronic-indie pop. However second album Stars on the Wall went the way of Miami; a fine collection of music that only seemed to be picked up by Morr Music enthusiasts and indie-geeks (láimhe suas). Lead track the ‘New Year’ found Sermeus looking for fortunes in love.

Fortune may have changed for The Go Find, if their new track ‘Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight’ is anything to go by. A dreamy pop single with youthful innocence, melancholy, melody, warm synths, soothing horns and as always Dieter’s unique vocal. With an album of the same name due out next February, 2010 could be the year for The Go Find and indeed Morr Music.

The Go Find – Everybody knows it’s gonna happen, only not tonight