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Incoming: Tina Refsnes

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Tina Refsnes. I am an Oslo based singer-songwriter from the small town Florø on the west coast of Norway.

Who are your favourite artists from home?

There’s so much good stuff in Norway at the moment. Siv Jakobsen, Bow To Each Other and Morten Myklebust have all released really great albums recently.

What’s it really like touring?

I’ve only been on a few short ones so far, but those were a lot of fun! We’ve had to take turns driving though, so lots of driving with not enough sleep (I need my 9 hours a night).

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play in?

I’m not picky. Anywhere with a listening audience and I’m happy.

What’s your ideal festival lineup?

Laura Marling, Bahamas, The War On Drugs, and then Feist could end the whole thing.

What has been your biggest achievement of the year?

I’m really proud that I finally have my album coming out. It’s been a long process, so I’m really excited to show it to people!

What has been the worst moment of the year?

I don’t know if I can pick an all-time low, but there certainly are a lot of ups and downs in this business. You win some and you lose some. There’s just a lot that’s out of your control, but I’ve become better at sorting out the crap and focusing on the positive stuff.

What was the worst piece of advice you were given?

People who give me advice usually mean really well, and I used to just take in all advice I was given and not see that some of it wasn’t right for me till afterwards. Now I’ve learned to take in only the advice that resonates with me.

What do you do to relax?

I watch a Disney movie. Or the show Nashville! I love that show! It’s an ABC series about a bunch of country music stars. It’s doesn’t have the best plot or the greatest dialogue or whatever, and the characters all have multiple personalities. But I love it so much!

What are you reading?

Right now I’m reading this book about a divorced, American mum who’s inherited a bakery and has to travel to France to sort out some WW2 family history. I’m only a few chapters in, but the main character is so traditional and without initiative that I’m not sure I will finish it. Don’t remember the title, but it’s some bestseller.

How about TV, anything good on the box?


Do you have a favourite YouTube video?

20th Century Fox Flute Version. Cracks me up every time.

What website do you visit most?

I have a “regular” job as well, and there are a lot of quiet hours so I end up being at Pinterest and Apartment Therapy a lot.

What is your favourite:

Record? I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning by Bright Eyes.

Song? ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell.

Lost classic song? Well, any Joni Mitchell song is vastly underappreciated by the world.

Record Label? Vestkyst Records.

Who is your favourite current artist?

Canadian artist Bahamas. He just writes these excellent, excellent songs.

A new artist that you are most excited about?

Not sure if he counts as new, but Rayland Baxter has this really awesome new album out.

What was the last great gig you have seen?

The War On Drugs at Øyafestivalen in Oslo this summer. They had me mesmerized throughout the whole thing.

Worst show?

Probably a completely unknown act that I don’t remember the name of.


Tina Refsnes’ debut album No One Knows That You’re Lost is out November 6th.