by / March 9th, 2016 /

Mix: Toby Kaar

Ahead of the release of his debut Gumbrielle EP, which is out on March 18th via music/is/for/losers, Toby Kaar kindly took the time to do up this electric, eclectic, 46 minute mix for State. Ranging from electronica in its purest forms, to heavy-beat, electro and beyond, the mix not only portrays Kaar as an adept selector, but an artist mindful of his influences and the mechanics of arrangement. Perhaps more importantly, he’s a man who knows what he likes. There are no airs or graces found here. We’d go on, but it’s best to let Toby explain the mix himself.

“The mix was pieced together from a few recorded sessions of playing records. One of my turntables has a pretty crazy pitch drift so it’s difficult to keep the mixes consistent. So it’s a half-live mix, I guess. There are also a few tracks in there that I didn’t have vinyl versions of…”

“The idea behind the mix was to make something that I would listen to in one go. I tend to be quite impatient when I’m listening to mixes and my brain can tend to switch off halfway through a straight house or techno mix, so this was an attempt to gratify my juvenile listening habits. On another level the mix is definitely a good indicator of where I’m at and what I love at the moment. I included some tracks that I keep coming back to every time I mix records, as well as some things that I’d never thought previously to play in this kind of context.”

Without much further ado, Toby Kaar’s State Mix:



Birds of English Farmland
Ken Camden | Trapezium
Falty dl & Shanghai Den | King Brute
Sexteto la Constelacion de Colombia | Pa Abajo
Fela Kuti | Everything Scatter (Toby Kaar Indigo Edit)
Bixiga 70 | Tema di Malaika
Toby Kaar | Snapdragon
Ilayaraja | Theme from Manaivi Ready
STL | Heaven’s Vape
TR-One | Living In, Now
Special Request | Deflowered (mm/km remix)
Ras G | All is Well
Sun Ra | Saga of Resistance (Theo Parrish remix)
Maurice Louca | The Golden Age
Roland Young | Crystal Motions
Manzana Kicks | In Knots
Cottam | Down Low
Yves Laferriere | Anastasie Oh! Ma Chérie

You can catch Toby Kaar play the Workman’s on the 8th of April, with tickets to be found here. Unmissable.