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Too Good To Be Forgotten


The first act on the still vital Out On A Limb label (founded to release their debut album Is It Ok To Be Loud, Jesus?), the pairing of Stephen Ryan (Steveamanakick) and Keith Lawler (Giveamanakeith) was a potent one. Before them came Tooth (see below) and after Windings but for seven glorious years they produced pop music at its face smashing best. (PU)

Hush War Cry

Stylish, intelligent indie rock was the order of the day for Cork’s Hush War Cry, as captured on their lovely Voices EP. With the band experience behind him, Eoin French is continuing the mission – albeit in a more electronic form – as Talos. (PU)


I first became aware of this band in 2007 when Phantom were playing the excellent track ‘God Bless The Devil’ constantly. Intrigued, I picked up their sole album The Monkey Pole and was so impressed by songs such as ‘We Got Music’ and ‘San Fran’ I went along to see them in Radio City. The four piece from Wicklow delivered a fine set of rock infused electronica that night and great things were expected of them. I don’t know what happened them after this but maybe like the mythical island they were named after they became cloaked in mist, hidden and unreachable and only spoke about in hushed tones in dockside bars. Or maybe they just broke up. Personally I prefer the first explanation…. (EM)


We came late to KVX, I’ll admit, when they played our 2011 Love Live Music Day show in Dublin – alongside an unknown Ed Sheeran, beatboxing for cousin Laura – and impressed the hell out of all and sundry. By that point they’d been around for six years and were in fact on the final straight, calling it a day a couple of months later with just one EP to their name. (PU)


Formed in London and inexorably linked with the Bristol scene, there was still an Irish core running through Marxman’s music and outlook – driven by Oisin Lunny’s input. Debut single ‘Sad Affair’ addressed the situation in Northern Ireland to such effect that the BBC gave it a wide berth and ‘All About Eve’ tackled domestic violence. Hip-hop has produced few albums as intelligent and fired up as their 33 Revolutions Per Minute debut. (PU)

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  • EaterOfBlaas

    Where the fuck are Into Paradise?

  • Paddy Fen Ruschitzko

    Where’s the Connect 4 Orchestra? Bambi? Oak? Principles of Shotgun Cloning? Lakker? Puget Sound? And I’m definitely gonna presume you’re acknowledging the Rednecks as still active thus their exclusion from this list. Come on lads, most of this is pedestrian and/or recent.

  • Daemien Frost should be in there

  • Mark Kirwan

    Toad the wet sprocket?

  • dAn

    Lakker released an EP this year.

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