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Channel 6’s NightShift to be taken off air

Yet another nail in the coffin for opportunities of Irish music videos being shown on national TV stations has occured today with the announcement that Channel 6’s popular music video show NightShift will be taken off air from the 31st of December.

Speaking in a mailshot sent out today, NightShift producer Elton Mullally said:

It is with great regret and a pain in my heart that I break the news today that as and from the 31st December 2008, Nightshift is to be taken off air.

Channel 6 was bought over by TV3 a few months ago and the new owners have made the decision to remove Nightshift from next year’s schedule.

This means of course that from today I will no longer be taking music videos, interviews, competitions, etc.

The very last show will air from 10pm – 1am on New Years Eve.

Mullaly goes on to say that both himself and Michelle Doherty, the presenter of the show “are completely bewildered, and absolutely gutted” by the decision.

  • Saddened but not surprised. TV3 have never been big on music so a boutique programme with a running time over 30min was never going to fly with them.

    Looks like Channel 6 is going to become TV3 lite.

  • Ronan


  • Jules

    Thats so incredibly shit! 2008 was a great year for the Irish music video – Le Galaxie, Cap Pas Cap, Jape, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Giveamanakick, Fight Like Apes, Robotnik!!!…… now what?

  • Daniel

    I’d be saddened if it were good, so I’m over joyed. It was an excuse of a TV show. Saying its good would also imply that RTE’s ‘The Last Broadcast’ was good. Both shows are about music and both shows are terrible. Michelle Doherty was a awful presenter and desperate interviewer. She was so wooden and boring. Favourite Doherty quote has to be her introducing Battles by saying: “This was one of my favourite albums of last year. Its Battle, and taken from their album Mirrors…”


  • aahhhh monkey balls

  • Ugh, what? That was the only show I bothered watching the station for. It’s funny that TV3 have spent a decade whining about RTE’s competitive advantage, yet they’ve never once attempted to create a decent homegrown TV show. I suppose you get you what you pay for.

    I’m going to email them and register my opposition.

  • Favourite Doherty quote has to be her introducing Battles by saying: “This was one of my favourite albums of last year. Its Battle, and taken from their album Mirrors…”

    She probably misspoke. It’s not as damning a piece of information as you seem intent upon making it.

  • That’s a load of balls. Many late nights I’ve spent with Nightshift. I like how so incredibly underproduced it is. It’s just hanging out, watching decent music videos. Will be sorely missed when they replace it with repeats of the repeats they show on TV3 at night.

  • Sent an email to Channel 6 and TV3 to express my disappointment. Hopefully a few others will join me with a quick note and make them see that it’s one of the very few shows that distinguishes it from every other cable channel that can’t afford to show series until the major networks have run them into the ground.

  • Bollocks. I feared TV3 would fuck Channel 6 up once they took it over but I figured they would of thought Michelle Doherty a fairly bankable presenter, what with being fine & having rugger-bugger fellas.

    Balls anyway, more room for “I’m a celebrity apprentice get me onto itv quick” & those documentaries about siamese twins & dwarf babies with titles with no imagination, “the girl with two heads” etc.

  • Fiona

    Thats crap news……

    Loved that show, especially when it first aired. Haven’t been around to watch it as much lately. Would have to say i didn’t enjoy it as much once the old producer left.

    Still though sad to lose it

  • This is BS. In 2 hours it had better bands and songs than 24hours of MTV2. It’s a nail in the coffin to many new Irish bands with this exposure gone.
    Does this mean we might get a substitute of Expos̩ for 2 hours every night instead? Michelle Doherty vs Lorraine Keane Рno contest.

  • Catherine

    No doubt TV3 will stick on a repeat of Ireland AM in that timeslot now to maintain their domestic programming quota.

  • Is it worth people voicing their complaints to

  • Ah bugger. like so many above I watched and liked the show – pretty much the only show on the station other than Heroes that I tuned in for. Nail in the coffin indeed.

  • Absolutely, register a complaint to the channel.

  • uncle retrospective

    “Is it worth people voicing their complaints to”

    May as well piss in the wind as complain to TV3, if they’ve made the call it’s a dead show and going round to Ballymount with pitchforks wouldn’t change their minds.

    Shame though.

  • It’s time for a real music channel in Ireland that represents the sounds of Ireland surely their must be someone out there with such a business interest look at go tv in austria its a really good alternative music channel featuring local and international acts – Ireland could do well with such a channel

  • Just look at the gotv playlist – its a must – its available for free on Astra – its like a 24 hour edition of nightshift

  • Johnnyvlme

    Typical. The only decent music programme on tv (and produced in Ireland) gets taken off the air. Why? So TV3 can invest more money into vapid, brain curdling garbage like Xposé?

  • bob

    they are getting rid of nightshift, but leaving the day shift with that lad that can’t present? it makes no sence at all!

  • Jules

    Questions is…what was everyone’s favourite Irish video from the last year?

  • @Jules,

    An argument that could be leveled against listeners of all types of music right now, but that’s a discussion for another time.

    (P.S.- SEBP “Everything Flows”)

  • I got the e/mail about this last week and I can’t believe it. You could always count on nightshift to give you great music and always alternative. Clearly to alternative for TV3. I understand if you wanted to look at mainstream middle of the road rubbish that they show on MTV then the nightshift wasn’t for you but who wants to look at that MTV tripe anyway. It looks like Irish music just got fucked over by an Irish station.

  • Josh

    AH BOLLIX!!!!!

  • Why did tv3 do this?

  • Daves66

    This is nothing new at all!
    Irish bands have been getting f**ked over for years by this country,
    especially tv!!
    It happened years ago in the mid 90’s aswell, remember the crap Whipping Boy had to put up with??

    I’ll miss the show a lot, so many good Irish Bands around at the moment. I knew tv3 would get rid of it, which is odd because all their boring, middle class viewers would be in bed when its on.

  • is anything actually on in its place? i gathered nowt is being planned to fill the gap

  • Daves66

    No. Nothing has been planned yet by the TV3 overlords.
    There is just the Channel 6 logo on the screen from 01.00 to the morning sometime.

  • hmmmm….
    would be interested to see the comparisons of producing and showing night shift compared to importing and/or repeating shows

  • Jonathan Creek

    I for one can’t wait, if it means more ITV fly-on-the-wall shows are broadcast from an Irish station, like ‘The World’s Fattest Son’ & ‘Cancer & Chimps’. Who needs homegrown, sure RTE have been getting away with buying crap from abroad for years, while we foot the bill!

  • Darragh, I agree. I love Heroes. Hayden Panettiere is stunning.

    I read it was to be replaced with Night Court…

  • Re:Daniel
    Not as wooden as David Morrissey

  • Joshua

    I’m currently doing a thing to get Nightshift back in TV3’s hands. Anyone wanna help?

  • Bill

    I’m with you Joshua.

  • Eoin

    And I’ve started a petition to take Xpose off air. 64 people have signed it as of March 11 2009.

  • Josh

    Shit floats.

  • Josh

    Shit floats!