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State Podcast #12: SXSW, Villagers, Daedelus, & IAMX

With the long overdue appearance of some sunshine this month, Spring has finally arrived and so too has the third installment in State’s monthly podcast series. Jules and Laura have once again worked tirelessly to bring you this month’s episode, which as well as having a more international feel to it, boasts not one, or two but three musical tracks for your aural pleasure.

First up, we have Laura telling us about her visit to Madrid to catch IAMX as well her strange encounter between Jared (pronounced Jurd!) Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and her hair.

Jules catches up with the mad professor of electronic music, Daedelus, who was in town this month to pay tribute to Choice Cuts and their brand new Check out the video below for a glimpse of the only artist ever, to have successfully married his love of Victorian era fashion, with cutting edge electronic beats.

Then we’re off to Austin, Texas to hear about some of the late-late night adventures from this year’s SXSW festival with our own editor Niall Byrne and The Sunday Tribune’s Una Mullally. Apart from Jules nearly not making it home, Niall’s new love affair with charcoal, a special mention has to go out to Una, who despite breaking her ankle weeks before the trip, still managed to hobble around the festival on crutches and blag her way into plenty of cool parties. Fair play Una!

Finally we finish up this month with a quick word with Conor from Villagers who appears just about ready to take over the world with the upcoming release of his debut album, Becoming a Jackal. With Conor’s recent performance on the Jools Holland Show, rave reviews from the New York Times and NPR in the States, his appearance on this month’s podcast, only confirms just how big a year it’s going to be, for the young Dubliner.

Comments as always are welcome below and for the last time ever, please feel free to offer suggestions for a name for the series – we might even put together an uber-cool prize for the winning title, so get cracking.

MP3: State Podcast #12: SXSW, Villagers, Daedelus, & IAMX