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Totally Wired interview: “Squeaky bum time”

Ahead of their upcoming headliner at the Academy on Saturday, Lorcan and Emmet of whipsmart musical comedy duo Totally Wired talk toHilary A White about desperation, loneliness and Georgia Salpa.

Well, are you?
We’re totally wired as usual, from various substances…coffee, Red Bull, etc. Actually, we’re totally tired from writing the new show, but a good tired.

How did the two of you first come to work together?
Desperation and loneliness… The fuel of comedy. We’ve been working together for 10 years in covers, original and tribute bands but finally took the comedy plunge three years ago.

How seriously do you take your music? Ie – do you use cotton gloves to play your mint condition collection of Smiths singles etc etc?

Yes, we don’t even eat meat near them.

Is it hard to combine music with comedy without it all getting a bit “Weird Al Yankovich”? Or is there something just inherently funny about pop and rock music there to be mined?
Life is inherently funny! And it’s easier and more rewarding writing songs that are funny than it is writing sad singer-songwriter “my lady left me, the world’s black” songs… As for Weird Al, that’s parody! Even musical comedy looks down on that; he didn’t write it, he changed it! Though we might try and write the ultimate, greatest parody song ever as a challenge for the show, now you’ve asked. No pressure.

Lorcan, how are your chops? Can you know your pentatonic scales?
My chops are sweet ‘n’ sour, cause I’m more of a Triad man… man! Though they are hard to play on stylaphone…

In terms of a release, will you go down the studio album route, or is a DVD better given the visual stand-up element?
Both – the CD of the DVD of the show of the tour… We are recording the album at the moment, but the live show and the album are such different mediums so what works live doesn’t always work on record and vice versa. We’re releasing it on December 21st, just in case the Mayans are right in their end of the world predictions.

You’ve been booked to play the Academy on May 26. Nervous? If so, how will you relax pre-gig?
Nervous? Yes. It’s squeaky bum time. Will we choke? Will we make it across the line? Will we leave it ‘til injury time to claim victory? As for relaxing, we’ll sleep when we’re dead! That’s a line from Jon Bon Jovi. Now kids, Jon Bon Jovi was a star from the ‘80s. Now, the 80s was decade… Oh forget it.

Emmet, what’s the one impersonation you just can’t quite nail yet?
Danny O’Brien, our special guest for the evening. I tried impersonating him but it turns out that’s fraud. Pierce Brosnan is a tough one also, and I’m raging about that ‘coz I love the cheesy fecker. It’s more of double D’oh 7 when I do it! He makes my Bond-impression collection incomplete.

What other musicians make you laugh? I always think Neil Hannon has a brilliant sense of humour.
Neil Hannon has some divine comedy. Boom Boom! Crystal Swing are hilarious. Lorcan loves the comedy stylings of Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits’ piano tuner has a great sense of humour. But seriously, we love the brilliant singer-songwriter Trevor Browne. We’re always happy if he’s on the same bill as us as we get to bask in his greaterness.

You’ve appeared on the Republic of Telly a few times. Tell us a nice story about Georgia Salpa.
Unfortunately, we’ve only seen her in the papers, just like you. We’ve requested that she be in every sketch or video we’ve ever done, but it turns out it’s in Bernard O Shea’s contract that she can only appear with him. Although, I saw her on the street one day and she looked right at me. It was a dirty look, sure, but I took it. Anyway, Lorcan prefers Nadia Forde so we won’t fall out over it.

Totally Wired play the Academy, Dublin on May 26. Tickets €17.25.