by / June 1st, 2017 /

Autre Monde Share ‘I Want My Enemies to Prosper’

Dublin quartet, Autre Monde (comprised of Paddy Hanna, Mark Chester, Padraig Cooney and Eoghan O’Brien) have been garnering widespread critical acclaim since they began steadily sharing new material single online over the last few weeks. It is no surprise that the band have been successful in quickly capturing the affection of their audiences following the release of inaugural singles, ‘Customs’ and ‘New Recruit’. These songs exude an exhilaration embodied by the inclusion of various musical elements from the 1970s throughout their arrangements; suave bass lines, wit scattered throughout the lyrics and energetic riffs that attribute to their power-pop sound. 

These jovial tracks are followed by latest single, ‘I Want My Enemies to Prosper’, a venture into choppy post-punk. It signifies the surly side of Autre Monde, and certainly stands out amongst the three songs in their rapidly growing repertoire. The contrast is immediate, a stark introduction formed by thirteen seconds of repetitive drum beating to which Hanna’s hushed, spoken word vocal guides the listener into an atmospheric soundscape of fuzzy synths, an undercurrent of riotous guitar will take listeners aback. It is a brave indicator that the band are not reliant on one particular approach to making music; there is diversity and experimentation in what we have heard from them, thus far.

At one point, Hanna reveals a place of wonder in the song, “I’m gonna go to the lake where the moon shines bright” there we come across astronauts and crocodiles. It sounds like a magical setting, one where you could only listen to a song that sounds as punchy and fractious as ‘I Want My Enemies to Prosper’.

This is another great song from Autre Monde, a band that just get better with each release. There is no doubt that they will continue to prosper as 2017 progresses.

Autre Monde will play Mistakes @ The Hut in Phibsboro on the 23rd of June. This is certainly not one to miss.