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Track Premiere: THUMPER – ‘Fear of Art’

Dublin band THUMPER combine garage rock, psychedelic-pop and lyrics that give a wry insight into the insecurities of our generation. Their songs possess an immediately likability that makes you become invested in THUMPER because they are a band that you get excited for what is to come next.

Earlier this year the band released ‘The Loser’, the first single from the forthcoming EP Pop! Goes The Weasel. The second track to come from that aforementioned EP is ‘Fear of Art’, a near six minutes of distorted fuzz guitar, a very brief moment of calm which culminates in thrashing drums that will leave you simultaneously energised and exhausted from the adrenaline. This is an incredibly catchy single from THUMPER, one that will undoubtedly garner them praise and countless fans. 

State spoke to Oisin Leahy-Furlong of THUMPER about their brand new single, ‘Fear of Art’ and their upcoming plans for 2017.

Tell me about how THUMPER began?

After a creatively dry couple of years, the first THUMPER EP was my attempt at combating a severe case of writer’s block. The process was fuelled by anxiety culminated in something that I really liked and the band formed quickly thereafter. We were pals from music college, and were excited at the prospect of wilfully disobeying the things we had learned!

Who are your musical influences and how do they inform your sound?

We have a number of different bands and artists that are constantly in rotation such as ABBA, The Beatles, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, King Gizzard, Parquet Courts, Thee Oh Sees. Our approach is to juxtapose pure pop sensibility with the expansive and abrasive elements of noise and psych to make songs that are unique to THUMPER. I think when we started out we had a much more basic garage rock vibe, and we still love that music, but increasingly we’re trying to outgrow that box.

What are the main sources of inspiration for your lyrics?

I always thought I would be a folk guy, so for years I tried to write those types of songs. I loved how Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan could each articulate themselves in their own voice, but still appeal to a universal understanding. Although the lyrics in THUMPER are much more direct, I still slave over them just as much as the music. I guess that’s a hangover from my folk years!

Explain the relevance and meaning of your new single, ‘Fear Of Art.’ What inspired you to write it?

‘Fear of Art’ is about wading through layers of pretension, the versions of yourself that you show to the world, and the versions that you hope the world sees. It’s an argument in my mind, between the side that needs to keep my feet firmly in reality, for fear of getting lost, and the side that tries to see poetry in stupid coincidence.

What are you plans for the rest of 2017?

Our new EP POP! GOES THE WEASEL drops next month on Little L Records, and we’re going to be launching it in a secret location on May 19th. Details of this will be on our Facebook, soon. We’ll be playing  a couple of festivals during the summer. So far, we going to be at Castlepalooza, Arcadian Field, and there are a few more that are yet to be more to be announced. We’re constantly working on new music so keep your ears to the ground kids.