by / January 12th, 2016 /

Introducing: Trick Mist

Manchester based Irish electronica artist Gavin Murray, aka Trick Mist creates amalgams of intensely deep, experimental music that seems to throb in your ear long after you cease to listen. No mean feat, but in blending clearcut lyrical vision with astute electronic compositions, Murray’s latest single ‘Tummy Speak’, taken from his Jars in Rows EP, portrays his creative set with ease. 

Speaking of the new single, Murray says that “‘Tummy Speak’ is a song about the feeling of love and more specifically how it impacts on us physically. Whether we chase after it, we fight to keep it or it grazes off us fleetingly, it’s a feeling that connects us all. The song, its images and its sentiments explore these states and the spaces between them.”  Heavy stuff.

Jars in Rows is out now.