by / June 20th, 2016 /

Video Premiere: Trick Mist – Crumbs Abound

We’ve covered Manchester-based Irish electronica artist Gavin Murray, aka Trick Mist, before. Mainly because his peculiar yet compelling brand of intensely thoughtful, experimental music moved us. His latest venture, the single ‘Crumbs Abound’, that State is pleased to premiere, sees the producer pare things back a little bit and focus on human experience in a more straightforward fashion. The result, of course, is no less poignant than previous efforts, but this latest offering from Murray seems to suggest a more considered sonic avenue.

Murray explains, “‘Crumbs Abound’ is a simple love song. It’s a strange declaration of love arrived at through the re-imagining of aspects of a relationship that we take for granted. The small and mundane aspects of human interaction are romanticised and the worth and value of a person is mythicised through visualising them as absent. Myth creation and the banal collide.”

The deep, gruff vocals are as distinctive as ever – made all the more concrete by the slow progression of the guitar mix in the composition, building in parts to backdrop and showcase a confident vocal vibrato from Murray. Haunting, ethereal, but never stooping below anything but captivating, ‘Crumbs Abound’ comes as a welcome addition to the increasingly promising Trick Mist canon. Interestingly, the track comes as part of a split 7″ with fellow musician Video Blue, who hasn’t heard ‘Crumbs Abound’ while Murray hasn’t heard the Video Blue contribution, but you can catch the two perform at Whelan’s on June 25th, with support coming from the always excellent Participant.

Trick Mist and Video Blue are the solo projects of UK-based Gavin Murray and Jim O’Donoghue Martin, respectively. The two have spent over a decade making music together. This split 7’‘ single release offers the two a shared platform to showcase their differing individual practices. The sole connection between these tracks is the artist’s shared history as music makers. Neither has heard the others single. ‘Crumbs Abound’ and ‘Disco Nap’ are truly independent offerings.