by / January 14th, 2014 /

Faces Of 2014: Unknown

La Roux. Skrillex. Ryan Vail. All artists that the internet rumour mill have thrown up as the potential identity of Northern Irish producer Unknown. They’re all wrong. He is not any of them. What he is, is an innovative producer who’s creative sounds have captivated many since he began releasing music last year. The anonymity factor has caused speculation, but his music has done the talking too. A numbered series of tracks, released on Youtube, attracted both interest and a deal with Champion Sound Music and now, with a vocal partner in the shape of Gemma Dunleavey, this faceless musician is set to be one of the faces of the year.

Unknown and Gemma Dunleavey photographed for State’s Faces of 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko.