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Unreleased Road Relish compilation surfaces online

While browsing around the best independent virtual record store in the world, eMusic, I stumbled across an unreleased compilation from Road Relish entitled Roughage which collates songs from the 14 Road Relish split singles from 1999 to 2004.

According to the still existing Road Relish website:

The singles club project was set up in October 1999 by 5 wealthy philanthropists in Dublin including Road Records and Alpha Relish. The main idea is to bring out new music by Irish bands and artists we all like.

The compilation is an aural history of alternative, independent music-makers from the time-period, most who are still around in some form. It includes Waiting Room, Tycho Brahe, The Chalets, Joan of Arse, Jimmy Behan, Connect Four Orchestra, Americhord, Glen Hansard, Decal, David Kitt, Large Mound and The Redneck Manifesto.

State contacted Road Records about the compilation but they were none the wiser for now and certainly, do not stock a CD version of the album. It seems it was uploaded to iTunes and eMusic in December 2007 and apart from collecting the original vinyl 7″s, there’s no way of getting your hands on the physical release. If you know more than us, do tell. In the meantime, get the album.

eMusic link
iTunes link


Road Relish – Roughage

  1. Waiting Room – Denis
  2. The Tycho Brahe – Before and After Seance
  3. Dinah Brand – Perfect and Whole
  4. The Chalets – Two Chord Song
  5. Joan of Arse – Starting Fights At Taxi Ranks
  6. Jimmy Behan – Side Partin’
  7. Connect Four Orchestra – Analogarythms
  8. Daemien Frost – Slut Style
  9. Americhord – Snowstorm
  10. Glen Hansard – A Caution to the Birds
  11. Large Mound – Old People
  12. Kabinboy – Untitled
  13. David Kitt – Irma Vep
  14. Decal – Ladies Love My 808
  15. Dot Creek – Cast
  16. The Redneck Manifesto – He Threw Down His Rifle and Ran
  • Hag

    Hi – This is the ‘Relish’ part of Road Relish. The compilation was officially released as an electronic release only. Available from iTunes and all good e-retailers.