by / April 18th, 2017 /

Track Premiere: Via: Barvikha – Chris Ryan

Certainly ramping things up in terms of volume and presence since last we heard about his solo venture, Via: Barvikha, aka Chris Leckey, is breaking new sonic ground with his latest effort Chengdu. Formerly a member of Belfast hardcore outfit PigsAsPeople, Leckey’s step towards a more delicate harmonic balance with his output last year hasn’t diminished the urgency or jagged edge to be found here and now in his new EP’s first single ‘Chris Ryan’ – named after the producer and friend behind Leckey’s dexterous new sound explorations.

At times angular, a little jarring, but ultimately celebratory in a frenetic manner, ‘Chris Ryan’ charts a segment of a musician’s circuitous, nebulous journey and one of the characters central to his experience throughout – part tribute, part alt-rock caricature, the track leaves us with an unmistakeable craving for more work of this ilk.

Written around a period of significant life change – namely Leckey uprooting to live precisely 5329 miles away and then coming back five months later – we can expect to hear more upon Chengdu’s release in June, and on the live stage come Friday, 21st April at the Empire, Belfast, and then on Friday, 12th May at Fibber’s, Dublin.