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Video Interview with Mike Got Spiked

Back in 2005, four guys based out of Monaghan called Mike Got Spiked released their debut album Caveat Emptor. It was a slice of alternative rock with influences from metal to ska to jazz. A year of mostly unrewarded hard work of trying to get the album into the Irish media and played on Irish radio led to the band quitting their jobs and moving full time to the USA.

Since 2006, they have been on tour almost constantly, traveling up and down, across and back the entire United States, selling out shows, building a solid fanbase and seeking out both management and record labels to try and take them to another level of success. caught up with them on a rare trip back to Ireland this Christmas for the band, when they played The Button Factory.

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  • Simon Merriman

    Saw these guys do an acoustic set in Waterford years ago and i was so impressed i decided to go to the gig. Wouldnt be a metal fan at all so i was surprised when i went to the show. Saying that, their acoustic stuff was amazing!

  • Dave

    As always, an amazing show. New stuff sounds great! Great photos James.

  • Spiked by Mike

    Great photos James. That band make my skin crawl though. Have been playing the same set for six years. Plus why so American? Yez are from Monaghan lads.

  • they’ve been playing songs from their debut and only album since they started but if you’ve seen them in the past few years you’ll obviously have heard lots of their new songs for the 2nd album due this year.

    As a professional band, it would be a bit weird if they didn’t play songs from their only album. I presume they come across with American styling due to the past 4 years when they’ve lived and worked in America. It wouldn’t be great if they talked about Drumlins and Ardal O’Hanlon the whole time.

  • Spiked By Mike

    Fair enough James but as someone who went to my fair share of MGS gigs from their humble beginnings to their most recent shows, I can attest their wannabe Americanisms stemmed way before they moved there. Cringe. Aren’t they a bit old to be acting like wee boys? Surely that lead singer is 40 by now?

    Anyhow, I digress. For a band playing as long as they have been I have to say they haven’t progressed musically like I expected. They seem stuck in the same creative rut for a decade. Sure enough, newcomers will be wowed by their energy etc but for anyone well versed in MGS their novelty has waned.

    Plus their attitude to venue owners/other bands/anyone not in their clique simply stank. If their music hasn’t improved, I hope at least the attitude has.

  • cronk

    Are these guys homosexuals?

  • No Idea, ‘cronk’, but does it matter in any way? A certain Freddie Mercury was a homosexual… Careful, your bigotry’s showing.