by / February 19th, 2008 /

Video: Sidi Touré on the Take-Away Shows

Sidi Touré

The film-makers responsible for The Take-Away Shows generally follow the stars of indie around the streets of Paris and other cities, capturing footage of live street performances. The series is a refreshing and insightful idea, which has raised the bar for performance videos, painting musicians in a musican’s light. REM were so impressed by Vincent Moon’s technique that he shot their new video in a Takeaway style while Beirut recorded a whole DVDs worth of supreme live footage which elevated the music further.

This episode however may be the greatest of them all as the net is cast wider. The crew travel to Bamako, Mali where we find African blues-folk musician Sidi Touré on the fringe of the Sahara, expressing frustration with his experiences of the Western music industry and playing a captivating set of songs on the streets of his desert neighboorhood. Absolutely breathtaking.

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