by / March 12th, 2008 /

Video: State Magazine Tower launch gigs

Ham Sandwich in Tower

As you may know, to celebrate the release of issue 01 into the world, State had a series of hitting-the-shelves gigs in Tower Records on Wicklow Street last Thursday, the 6th of March.

We had three artists lined up: Ham Sandwich stripped down to a three piece of keyboard, guitar and a singular drum with the resilient duo of Podge and Niamh on vocal duties. They played covers of REM’s “At my Most Beautiful” and Goldfrapp’s “Ride a White Horse” in which Niamh’s voice easily matched Alison Goldfrapp inducing hairs-on-back-of-neck-standing-up syndrome.

Sarabeth Tucek was joined by a member of her band ahead of her set in Whelans later that night and you can watch “Hey You!” below.

Last but not least, Paris/Dublin-based Carly Sings played some songs from her forthcoming album The Glove Thief as well as a cover of REM – “Everybody Hurts”.

The video runs for 10 minutes. Thanks to Phil and Eamonn for their hard work. Photos by Dan. Enjoy.


Niamh Ham Sandwich

Sarabeth Tucek

Carly Sings