by / June 3rd, 2015 /

We Shall Overcome ’15

Still got the taste for political and social action after the recent referendum? Good because this October will see another opportunity to get involved directly. Started in the UK, the We Shall Overcome weekend is both a celebration of music and culture as well as a show of support for those who are struggling to cope on the current political and financial landscape.

With over 100 people sleeping on the streets of Dublin alone every night and up to 12% of children living in consistent poverty, the Hope Collective have picked up the baton in Ireland and we at State are delighted to also be involved. Individuals and groups are invited to stage gigs, concerts, gatherings and events across the country, with admission prices as donations to their local food banks or homeless organisations. There will be no central structure or hierarchy, although we will be on hand to help make connections and publicise events. Above all this is an opportunity to make a difference through the culture that we love, maybe not to change the world at large but help make someone’s life a little better.

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