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Top Story: Weekly Film News: Now With 50% More Channing Tatum

It’s been a while since State did one of these. In our defence, it’s not like anything happens in Hollywood over the Summer. Well, except for all of the studios marquee pictures coming out.


Our bad.

The Crow still in development hell, no one loses sleep.

Goths rejoice! The long mooted reboot of The Crow series has lost its leading man as Bradley Cooper has left the project to work on original Crow director Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost.

Goths be sad! Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg – who previously passed on the role – are leading the race to replace him. Both choices seem a little bit to in the beefcake knucklehead category to fill the angst filled boot of Eric Draven. 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is calling the shots on this one.

Goths rejoice! Your Halloween costumes may just become relevant again.

Austin Powers 4 in production. No baby no.

Can you believe it’s a whole three years since Mike Myers last starring role in The Love Guru? No, I thought not, it stunned us here too. Myers is now planning on bringing his most succesful creation, Austin Powers back to the big screen. For what reason? Your guess is good as ours.

Myers, currently in danger of becoming the white Eddie Murphy, is currently working on a script with no director attached as of yet. Director of the previous three, Jay Roach, will likely top all lists to call the shots.

A suggestion if Myers is to return to his past, we here at State would very much like to see a spin-off prequel to So I Married An Axe Murderer following the exploits of Stuart MacKenzie as he tracks down his arch-nemesis Colonel Sanders.

Ridley Scott revisits Blade Runner. Again.

Not satisfied with his 47 (number may be incorrect) different edits of sci-fi classic Blade Runner, the Scott brother that could – sorry Tony – has revealed plans to revisit the world of Rick Deckard and Roy Batty.

Info is sparse at the moment, no word on whether to expect a prequel, sequel, remake or something not unlike future film Prometheus – described as a cousin to the Alien franchise.

Considering the original’s iconic and cult status, any new development is likely to upset some. Definitive Jux CEO and rapper El-P had these encouraging words for Scott on the matter. “If you remake Blade Runner, don’t forget to sit in a warm tub after wards and “Director’s Cut” your fucking wrists.”

Matthew McConnaughey cast in film, likely to take his top off.

There’s a term coined by Empire Magazine known as the 27%ers. It’s used to describe actors whose presence alone in a film immediately makes it 27% better. Think William H Macy, John Goodman or Jeffrey Tambor. Matthew McConnaughey is sadly not on this list. Bare chested Matthew McConnaughey is however. And he gets bare chested. A lot.

He’s just signed on for a role in Steven Soderbergh’s latest opus about male strippers, Magic Mike, which also stars Channing Tatum and Alexander Pettyfer. The story is apparently based on Tatum’s early life where he was in fact, a male stripper – slightly hard to believe considering his wonderfully nuanced performances in G.I Joe and Step Up 2: The Streets.

Is it wishful thinking to want for a Cocktail inspired tale where McConnaughey has long hung up his easy off Velcro pants until he’s called out of action to show a new breed of stripper how it’s done. We wait and hope.



If you paid to see this film and it just was this trailer on repeat, it’d be worth your cash. Having screened and wowed the audience at this years Moviefest held last week, Drive is due to hit our screens on September 23rd.



Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Do we have a winner for blockbuster of the summer? A stunning family drama meets prison break meets social revolution picture with Andy Serkis possibly putting in a better performance than his work on King Kong and Lord Of The Rings.

Still not sold? An ape rides a horse!


Machine Gun Preacher

Rivals Hobo With A Shotgun for title of the year. Maybe pips it because it’s based on a true story.