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State's Videos of the Week: Weyes Blood, Nick Cave, Thieves Like Us & More

Instead of dissecting the dreariness of the week that was, let’s leave this week on a reflective note. Here’s Leonard Cohen’s ‘A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes’, because he’s certainly a golden hero wherever he in now.

A bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes
were smoking out along the open road;
the night was very dark and thick between them,
each man beneath his ordinary load.
“I’d like to tell my story,”
said one of them so young and bold,
“I’d like to tell my story,
before I turn into gold.”
But no one really could hear him,
the night so dark and thick and green;
well I guess that these heroes must always live there
where you and I have only been.
Put out your cigarette, my love,
you’ve been alone too long;
and some of us are very hungry now
to hear what it is you’ve done that was so wrong.

I sing this for the crickets,
I sing this for the army,
I sing this for your children
and for all who do not need me.
“I’d like to tell my story,”
said one of them so bold,
“Oh yes, I’d like to tell my story
’cause you know I feel I’m turning into gold.


Weyes Blood – ‘Used To Be’ (Kemado Records)

Weyes Blood’s distinct vocal is like a glorious reincarnation of Vashti Bunyan. Weyes released her third studio album, Front Row Seat To Earth recently following a feature on another fantastic record released in this quarter, Drugdealer’s, The End of Comedy. Her contribution on ‘Suddenly’, is one of the stand out moments on that album. The video for ‘Used To Be’ (nope, it’s not a Beach House cover) has the home-movie quality that has been repeated countlessly throughout the year but we’ll let the lack of ingenuity slide as the song is really nice and the singer is wearing a wonderful blue suit throughout and manages to answer a phone in the middle of a beach (and people complain about poor service) before she takes up residence in a dinosaur’s mouth. She’s truly living the dream.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Rattlesnake’ (Heavenly Recordings)

Australian psychedelic rock septet, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are keeping with their reptilian theme in their latest single, ‘Rattlesnake’, due to feature on a forthcoming album of the same title. The near eight minute long song is set to the band superimposed upon dessert scenes with rattlesnakes making more than one appearance throughout. It does feel like a drawn out effort from the band despite releasing a decent album, Nonagon Infinity earlier this year. What they have managed to achieve with this track is is mentioning the title more times than Rihanna uttered the work “work” in her instant classic, ‘Work.’

Thieves Like Us – ‘Jennifer’ (Seayou Records)

A bit of a saucy video to make you unbutton your collar after a long week. The story of Thieves Like Us reads like a recipe for a witches cauldron that results in an unexpectedly magic potion for your ears. They are a Swedish-American, predominantly electronic, band that met in Berlin and are inspired by krautrock, Italo disco, French touch and hip-hop. During their fourteen year tenure Thieves Like Us have lived in Paris, London and New York. Suffice to say, they’re open to embrace European and American culture and aesthetics with their music. ‘Jennifer’, is a perfectly dreamy single with strong 80s drumbeats and a languidly hypnotic wavering guitar.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Magneto’

Another masterful song from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ latest and most captivating album, Skeleton Tree, was released this week. The video for the single, ‘Magneto’, follows in the aesthetic of previous ones. It shows the band performing the song live as featured in and filmed for the documentary, “One More Time With Feeling” which accompanied the release of the album. These songs just continue to get more emotive and rendering with each listen.


Notable Mention…. 2016, What Have You Done to the World?

DOOMSQUAD – ‘Who Owns Noon In Sandusky’

Why not make an historically weird and unpredictable week even weirder but a little inspired by watching this homemade bizarrely wonderful video from DOOMSQUAD.