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Giveaway: Five copies of Jackass 2.5 on DVD

Review by on March 26th, 2008

Jackass 2.5

A right Jackass.

The men who like to hurt themselves return with Jackass 2.5! Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Danger Ehren and the rest return to DVD to offer Jackass fans more material. State was slightly disappointed to find out that the DVD is not an extended version of Jackass 2, rather the boys shot so much footage for the second film that they have collated it here instead. But what do you care right? FREE STUFF!

Running at 64 minutes with loads of extras including a making of, a making of Jackass The Game (looks extremely impressive) and bonus stunts, it’s up for grabs for five readers drawn from a hat at the end of this week. Just leave a comment below.


  • Gav

    giz tha.
    go on.

  • Wouldn’t mind that, especially the way you’re just GIVING them away!

  • Clockwork Rob

    No one would go see this with me- everyone’s way too high brow.

    A copy to watch with my easily-amused self would be fun.

  • Gwen

    yes please!

  • Joe

    Jackass + night in with the lads + beers = fun. QED

    That is a proven formula and I challenge anyone on their high horse to say other wise. I’m in.

  • laura

    Could be funny, stupid men doing stupid things- jus like any part of the world on a saturday night!!!!

  • that still referencing “Patton” has me hooked. sign me up.

  • Anthony

    Gimme free stuff

  • longshanks

    i want one. i’ll commit random acts of violence till i get one

  • i like turtles.

    oh and jackass of course. YES PLEASE!

  • Comp closed. Winners notified!

  • Joe

    Received today thanks- though after reading the review you yesterday I’m not sure!

  • longshanks

    yeah it came this morning, watching it now. not bad