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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Review by on November 9th, 2015

 3/5 Rating

Director: Christopher Landon
Cast: Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and Joey Morgan
Certificate: 15A
Running Time: 93 mins
Release Date: November 6th

Ben, Carter and Augie are best friends who also happen to be scouts. Augie is a lifer while Carter is doing his best to convince Ben to ‘grow up’ and quit, fearful that the unflattering uniform and perception of scouts as ‘losers’ is going to damage his chances with the ladies. The boys are mentored by Scout Leader Rogers, played by David Koechner, probably best known for his role as Champ Kind in Anchorman.

Their friendship, and scout skills, are put to the test when a zombie outbreak is unleashed on the town. Teaming up with a shotgun-wielding cocktail waitress from the local lap dancing joint, Lawrence of Alabia (not a typo and indicative of the humour to be found throughout the film), the boys must race against time to rescue the local high-school students, before the military blow up the town!

Scouts Guide… is a pretty shallow movie, squarely aimed at the male teen market, but it’s in no way ashamed of that. We’re treated to zombie strippers, a zombie penis, and bouncing slow-motion zombie breasts. There’s a decent amount of gore on offer and some inventive scenes, in particular, an attack of zombie cats which draws a lot of laughs.

Zombie movie purists will be disappointed to note that there seems to be no coherence to the zombies on offer. In Scouts Guide… zombies can run pretty fast, and have no problem using door handles! The disease is spread by biting, but seemingly not by ingesting zombie blood. Most bizarrely of all at one point a zombie starts to mimic Augie, which leads to a bizarre Britney Spears scout/zombie singalong.

It all feels like a bit of a missed opportunity, however. Cheap laughs take the place of snappy dialogue or characterisation, and though it could potentially have been a modern Lost Boys, the scene where the boys tool up for their final encounter is particularly reminiscent of Sam and the Frog Brothers getting ready for a vampire attack, Scouts Guide… seems happy to settle for a place as a mildly amusing, but easily forgettable addition to the comedy-horror genre.