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We Are Your Friends

Review by on August 26th, 2015

 2/5 Rating

Director: Max Joseph
Cast: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley
Certificate: 16
Running Time: 96 minutes
Release Date: August 28th

Bro, do you love EDM? You don’t?? Dude, do you even bro?!?! Because if you don’t live your life one Skrillex or Major Lazer track at a time, then We Are NOT Your Friends, bro!

Basically, that little dude from High School Musical has gotten all buff and he wants to bro out with his bros all the time, but he’s also a DJ and he wants to produce that one Gnarley Davidson track that will help him blow up. So then he bumps into that creepy plastic bag dude from American Beauty, but he’s cool now because he’s basically an American David Guetta and he wants to help out. But his girlfriend is that chick who got ‘em out for that ‘Blurred Lines’ video and High School Musical wants a piece of that but he doesn’t want to piss off American David Guetta. It’s, like, a full on dilemma, bro.

The director is that grey-haired dude on that MTV show about people using the internet to get people to fall in love with them without ever meeting them, and that show is SUPER realistic, so you just know that this movie is totes legit too, bro. High School Musical’s bro-tourage are just like our real friends in real life; the dude who is angry at everyone, the dude who wants to make it as an actor, the dude who will have to die to prove the seriousness of a situation. We feel really sorry for High School Musical because he has a tough life partying with his friends and getting out-of-this-world opportunities with American David Guetta and wanting to steal his Blurred Lines boo and generally just looking and acting like a handsome mannequin. It’s tough bro, we feel you!

Seriously though, the tuneage involved in this movie is, like, a religious experience. Alesso even brought High School Musical back to class to show him how to mix and spin properly, so now this actor is almost as good as Paris Hilton – his DJ skillz are THAT tight! If you do bro and you do love EDM and you do want to see Blurred Lines video boo dancing in slow motion, then there’s no reason not to give this movie five stars and give it all of the Oscars right now! Unless you’re actually looking for, like, I dunno, a “good movie” with an “interesting, original story”… but we ain’t here for that! Bass-drop!