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Weekly film news: A Hollywood remake, body swapping is always funny & another remake

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If you’re reading this on, what hopefully shapes up later to be a sunny Good Friday (fingers crossed), eh…Are you mad!? Get those pasty bingo wings outside now. It will be sunny again. It will be.

But wait! Read this first, we can’t have you going out unequipped. Each one of these snippets of urgent, must-know news are kindly headed with a conversation starter for you. So if you’re out somewhere tonight, sans tipple, and the conversations starts getting a little dry and crusty…

I think we’re gonna have to go to London tomorrow…

The film nerd in me is very excited. Or at least it would be if it was going to London. The Sci-Fi London film festival starts tomorrow with all sorts of fun things like the 48 Hour Film Challenge, judged by Monsters director Gareth Edwards, international premieres and lots of all-nighters like the Manga 20th anniversary Anime films and a Sci-Fi night at the BFI IMAX featuring Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and 2001: A Space Odyssey among others. Can I get a hell-yeah?! It’s great when a city has things to for its people to do isn’t it?

Well Mr London, you’re not the only one doing stuff, last week Dublin was very busy closing down one of our comfiest art-house cinemas The Lighthouse…hang on that’s bad news. Shit.

So apparently Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori in the Total Recall remake…

Kate bagged the role over many other talented actors as she was clearly the only one for this part and that’s honestly the only reason she got the role. It must have been such a nice surprise for her then when she found out her husband Les Wiseman is directing it.

He may have to take her aside and tell her to vamp it up a bit if she wants to fill Sharon Stone’s stilettos. Even in Underworld as a leather clad vampire Kate still was, well a bit posh wasn’t she?

You may have already heard that our very own Colin Farrell is taking over Arnie’s role after battling it out with our other actor Mr Fassbender. Let’s hope they dont mess it up.

You know what would be great? Another body swap comedy!

In Change Up, possibly one of the worst named films ever, it appears Ryan Reynolds continues his recent reign of bad choices, like the big one, divorcing Scarlett Johansson and before that making a film entirely set in a coffin. I turned it off after five minutes. It was pretty much exactly what I imagined waking up in a coffin would be like. Thanks. It just seemed too exhausting to keep going.

Jason Bateman plays the other body, Jason what are you doing?! Jason can do no wrong in my eyes since Arrested Development, even if the material’s bad he has that deadpan look where you just know that he knows he’s better than them all. Still, at least it probably was a quick shoot as the formula was ready and waiting for them. Cue awkward dressing scenes, awkward sex jokes and awkward office meetings.

Judging from the trailer they went down the trusty route of a ‘peaceful overnight transition while sleeping’ as every single other body swap film did. Why not include a painful, soul ripping, body morphing scene where bystanders in the street run away horrified and screaming? Why couldn’t it be that film? Sigh.

Did you hear yer wan from Home and Away has been cast as Myrtle in the Great Gatsby remake?

Great! More Hollywood remakes.

You may know Isla from such side-splitting comedies as Confessions of a Shopaholic> or Wedding Crashers, but you probably remember her most fondly for her serious drama roles. Home and Away was a highly acclaimed Australian drama and her character Shannon went through some really tough times such as; bulimia, coming out as bisexua, getting repeatedly lost in flash floods and all this whilst living in a caravan.

In this Baz Lurhman remake Isla will be starring along-side Leonardo Di Caprio, his pal Tobey Maguire and the girl with the lovely dimples, Carey Mulligan. If these actors all fail to bring the story to life it doesn’t matter anyway as Baz is thinking of shooting it in 3D. Obvious choice if you think about it, you’d want Gatsby’s garden parties to look realistic y’know?

Don’t you think we’ve all waited long enough? Can we have Tom Hardy now please?

This is a call to arms. Please hurry up and get on with Mad Max 4. Em…cause Tom Hardy is really sexy and I want to see him galavanting around in the outback.

We know he can do action, wasn’t he a gun-toting snow trooper in Inception? We know he can do bad-ass as he was a pretty terrifying beefcake in Bronson. We know the man can act as he played the broodiest of them all in Wuthering Heights. Hands down the best Heathcliff. Plus he has a voice like gravel and treacle or is it sand and glue? Either way it’s bloody nice.

Hardy had this to say about his plan for the role, “Imagine a hungry wolf. Or like when you put a cat in the bath. You grab a cat by the throat and stuff it under the fucking water. You know what it looks like? That’s what I’m going to look like. But like a puma. Very hungry and very dangerous.”

Jesus. Would somebody give the guy a pair of leather pants, don’t worry about the top, just start shooting the frickin’ movie. We’re waiting.

RIP Tim Hetherington

In sad news Academy award nominated filmmaker, Tim Hetherington was killed in a mortar attack in Libya on Wednesday. The director of the powerful and brilliant documentary Restrepo was working in Libya as a photographer covering the attacks in the Libyan town of Misurata. Photographer Chris Hondros was also killed.

Trailer of the week:

X-Men: First Class

Look it’s Professor Charles Xavier with hair! James MacEvoy and Michael Fassbender star in this prequel.

This week State recommends you go see:

The Last Picture Show

This slow moving, coming of age black and white classic set in the 1950s stars a young Jeff Bridges, a ridiculously beautiful Cybill Shepherd and is directed by Peter Bogged-down-a-bit.

Poster of the week:

Juan Of The Dead

  • I’m not sure I see how making buried alive thriller Buried was such a bad idea for Ryan Reynolds. If anything it showed that he could be a serious actor in what was essentially an indie experimental film. Plus he had to carry to whole movie! Whether you enjoy the film or not to say it was a bad decision is a little short-sighted, it was an ambitious and risky move to carry a whole film on his own. A move I think worked quite well and hopefully opened up a slew of serious roles for him to beef up his career between the romcoms and frat house comedies. While you are right to assume it was exhausting, it was in a thrilling and edge-of-your-seat way. Reynolds managed to keep a certain amount of reality to his character making him a little bit of a jerk while still retaining our sympathy and not just being an unrelatable tough guy which it could’ve easily become.

  • Hayley

    Fair point Stephen. Maybe I was being a bit unfair on Mr Reynolds.