by / April 21st, 2009 /

Buzz: Brain Of The World – PS3

Brain Of The World does pretty much what every game to date in the Buzz series has done: puts you in your own quiz-show, with Jason Donovan playing your smart-mouth host, as you test your knowledge across a variety of topics. This time around, you can choose your specialist subject from categories including Music, Movies & TV, Sports, Lifestyle and general knowledge.

The range of zany characters and buzzer noises is as wacky as ever, with wrestlers, superheroes and villains joining the Liam Gallagher and Elvis wannabes on the podium, and the rounds are almost identical to previous Buzz incarnations, including favourites like Point Stealer, Pass The Bomb and, our favourite, High Stakes, where you can bet 50 to 500 points before you see the question.

There are also a host on online modes, including the ability with MyBuzz to create your own quiz, but the premise of the game remains the same: proving your intellectual superiority over your mates and not letting them forget it when you do so.