by / April 12th, 2011 /

Crysis 2 (PS3, X360, PC)

Crysis 2 is a first person shooter where the emphasis is very much on survival, with some of the toughest firefights you’re likely to encounter in any game of the genre. The action has moved from the jungle of the original game to the torn-up urban cityscape of New York, which is under attack from Predator-like aliens, where you’ll find yourself driving tanks up an almost-destroyed FDR, shimmying through semi-deserted subways and going toe to toe with well-armed enemies, alien and human alike, in some pretty epic indoor shoot-outs.

Even experienced shooter fans will find themselves having to replay areas of the game numerous times, as some of the battle sequences have to be experienced to be believed, even at the lower difficulty settings, with hordes of enemies vying to outmanoeuvre you. Thankfully, as in the first game, your main advantage is your nanosuit, which allows you to leap across great distances, engage a cloaking device and ramp up your armour to take all kinds of damage – as you progress, you’ll also be able to upgrade aspects of the suit to make you even harder to kill.

If you haven’t played the first game, it may take a while to really get into the action, which starts as your character inherits the nanosuit from Prophet, its previous inhabitant. It can be a couple of battles before you get to grips with the suit’s abilities and, more importantly, the best way to make use of them. Storming into a squadron of enemy soldiers or alien warriors is really going to end up one way, with your super-soldier going home in a not-so-super bodybag: after a few hours play, however, you should start to get a handle on how to take out a host of enemies from distance or with stealth, rather than getting bogged down in a frantic exchange of bullets with multiple bad guys. Probably the best thing about Crysis 2 is the fact that it gets better and better the more you play it, and is well worth your while labouring through the early levels to get to the spectacular shoot-outs that follow.

The graphics are impressive, particularly the devastated cityscapes, and the voice acting is inoffensive, without being spectacular, but it’s the quality and difficulty of the gameplay that will keep hardcore shooter fans extremely happy.