by / April 14th, 2011 /

Dragon Age II (PS3, X360, PC)

The first Dragon Age game, Origins, was so successful, there was always going to be a sequel. The fact that it can be credited with winning a new generation of fans over to the RPG genre speaks volumes for its quality, in terms of gameplay, plot and sheer addictability. While the second game isn’t quite as jaw-droppingly good as its predecessor, it’s still a pretty stunning adventure in its own right.

Set at the same time as the first game in the series, the action begins with your character (a human warrior, mage or rigue) guiding your family through a Darkspawn-infested wasteland, as you bid to avoid the evil Orc-like creatures and escape to the town of Kirkwall, where the game proper begins. It’s here that you bid to make a name for yourself among the populace. This generally involves getting involved in all sorts of nefarious activities, as you make some tough moral choices in order to progress through the game. Indeed, this is the game’s hallmark, as it’s very much up to you what direction the game takes, with a vast, sprawling landscape to explore on a myriad of mini-quests. The lack of a central goal, such as a particularly evil warlord to execute or treasure to amass, does take away a little from what is an otherwise excellent game, but if you allow yourself to be drawn into its shady politics and labyrinthine plots, you will soon find yourself losing weeks, not hours, to this truly epic game. Highly recommended.