by / March 13th, 2012 /

Everybody’s Golf – PS Vita (SCEE)

Unlike supposedly serious sims, Everybody’s Golf is more about having fun with the game famously described as “a good walk wasted” than recreating the minutiae of the PGA tour in all its complexity. It’s all about big, bold graphics, colourful players and the ability to unlock charming characters, costumes and extras.

That said, as a pick-up-and-play golfing game, it’s up there with the best of them. The control system is the usual press to swing, again for power and a third time for accuracy: too soon and you’ll slice off to the right, too slow and you’ll hook left. As you get better at the basics, you can add topspin, backspin and sidespin to your shots, while also getting to grips with Power Mode, which gets you added distance but less control.

While its undoubtedly cute and cheerful, the heart of Everybody’s Golf beats with a love of golf that is pretty infectious, especially as you begin to win tournaments and move up the rankings, improving your skill set all the time.